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Spawn-B-Gone | Remove any enemy type from maps/levels for Quake

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  • Spawn-B-Gone | Remove any enemy type from maps/levels for Quake


    Hey everyone! Figured with the new remaster release, it was as good a time as any for me to officially put up this little script I've had for a year or so now.

    Spawn-B-Gone will remove selected enemy types from maps/levels for Quake, and should also work for any fan made maps or mods such as Arcane Dimensions, Quoth, etc. (While not tested, it could potentially work for Quake 1 engined based games such as Hexen II for example.)

    I made it because I suck at video games. The original goal was to create something that would allow me to remove Spawn enemies from any Quake maps. They are by far Quake's worst enemy type (IMO). I didn't want to have to manually determine which map featured them, open said map, edit it, and save each file in a map editor, so I tried to find a code solution that could somewhat automate the process.

    In the readme, I mention it being for the computer release, but if you have access to the .pak files for your device, it should work for that, as long as you can replace them.

    Let me know if you have any questions. If you have any suggestions for improvements, let me know, or feel free to open a PR!

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    Hello COLBudManstrong,

    I LOVE your spray logo and I like your idea.
    Very good.

    That is surely useful for many occasions.

    Kind regards,