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irc rooms for technically challenged.

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  • irc rooms for technically challenged.

    OK if you're technically challenged, or one of those people who don't want to hassle with downloading and learning an irc client and want a quick and dirty way to peek into the irc rooms of the QuakeOne community, go here:

    Its a browser based irc applet. No need to download anything. Well, except Java. And 99% of everyone already has that installed. Unless you're some kind of weirdo. *looks at FoQer*

    When you first use it will give you the name JavaUser<insert number here>

    You need to change your name to something recognizable. To do so type:

    /nick <insert your desired nickname here without the brackets>

    then to say join the QuakeOne irc room type:

    /join #QuakeOne

    And any of the other rooms: quakeone, quake1, q1dm, q1ca, dredd, crctf, +clan_xux, clan_tu, clan_rum, clan_nfa, clan_fz, clan_exl. To peek in them just type like above:

    /join <#insert room name here>

    Be sure to type the room name exactly as listed, with underscores etc. I don't think capitalization matters.

    Thanks goes out to Rambo[RuM] for his WHOIS info showing the rooms he was currently in.
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    Does gamesurge allow you to hide your IP like on undernet?


    N/M I see that it does:
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      well the house im in currently blocks me from IRC.. tried taking down firewalls and such but it doesnt help.. no irc for me.. doesnt work on this website or gamesurge.. nothing. boo.