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  • A dream

    Well,yesterday I got this dream where I...

    Ethan shut up I'm trying to remember that crazy dream I had last year if you do not shut up I kill Mia and Dora The Explorer...I know you have a crush on Dora...Wait you are from Resident Evil 7...Hey I have that Albert replica gun with me so you better get the hell outta here.Look at that box,it has the gun.
    It has an extended mag that carries 12 extra bullets.I got a new sledge hammer too..made by Loco Gitano Limited.

    Ok so the dream was that I was in Quake when some craaaaaaazy stuff happened.
    I was in E4M2 then suddenly teleported to AD_TFUMA...Under the lift at the start without an axe(AD_rubicon?)
    Then I went to a strange place which gave me a deja vu feeling.It was my school! I went to my class(for anyone who knows me at the personal level I went to 9-A not 8-A) and saw that everyone was dead.So much blood.I puked blood and passed out.

    About 3 hours later(just a feeling)I woke up to find myself in DooM(I use DooM for the new game only).More specifically hell.There I found Doom Slayer dead so I took his stuff.All his weapons too.Suddenly I was thrown into a room by some force and a boss battle started.Doom Slayer used a Gauss Rocket gun(I could swear I felt pain IRL when he hit me).The fight went on till I defeated him with 2 health and 1 armor.Then-

    Ethan dammit I told you to stay out of here *takes out albert-01R*
    Die prick
    (insert the gun sounds here)

    Well atleast there wont be a guy who watches Paw Patrol and Shimmer and Shine..Those shows are made for(insert the other word for cat starting with p and ending with y).

    Then Dora came.She had a sniper rifle that shot ducks.i USED THE bfg and she exploded.

    Well.That was a nice dream.

    -Ijazz/Ijaaz Ahmed Razack/Ijaaz Ahmed/Chase Martin
    Last edited by ijazz; 04-25-2017, 07:13 AM. Reason: jizz not good for parental restict and dicks no ducks
    Dude,lets party!
    Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!

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    Darn, I haven't dreamt of being in a game for some years now. But you definitely had a wacky dream, lol.


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        'Replacement Player Models' Project


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          No more pizza before bed, for you.