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  • Hmmm ... NRA video


    I have 2 differing points of view that don't reconcile cleanly. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...

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    I didn't see anything blatantly incorrect with that video. It was a little over-dramatic, though.
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      So... we should shoot protesters and blame the NRA? Fine by me. Praise the lord, pass the ammunition!!!

      In other words... if a major GUN lobby is gonna have a message, they should be way more clear about what that message is.


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        An armed society is a polite society.

        I think it's real clear. She was saying if we were all armed, people would think twice (or more) about including violence in their message. It's not as much fun to throw a garbage can through a storefront if the owner is probably going to blow your head off...more like that.

        I fully believe we should have mandatory gun laws. It should be mandatory to get gun safety and usage training and then it should be mandatory to own a gun. To balance it all out, if you end up harming or killing someone in any way other than one that can be undeniably proved as defense you get shot in the head with your own gun.


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          Well that's the thing, a store owner can't legally blow your head off for throwing a garbage can through the window.

          It's not entirely bullshit to deduce that if more cars on the road means more car accidents will happen, then more guns out and about probably means more shootings will happen. Honestly, do YOU trust everyone else to be responsible enough to handle carrying a gun? Because I don't trust most people to drive a fucking car properly. If the NRA wants EEeeeevvveryone to carry a gun, maybe it's because they make a profit when people buy more guns and pay for a membership. You can't exactly place your unwavering trust in everything the NRA has to say. More and more they are given to extreme viewpoints, and extremism is the enemy of a reasonable intelligent people. Not saying the NRA is all bad. But they have their own interests and agenda at heart, which means your interests take a back seat.

          I'm all for gun owners rights, and the last thing I wanna see is any of those rights being taken away. But I'm reasonable enough to know that it's a fucking retardedly ridiculous idea to think that everyone should be walking around every day with an M4 or an AK47. Fuck what these idiots think our forefathers intended. Fuck our founding fathers. Those pricks did what they did for THEMSELVES, not for you. They're dead. We're here. They all shot shitty muzzleloader guns. They didn't live long enough to see what submachine guns could do when employed on a massive scale.
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            The NRA is appearing radical because the opposition is becoming radical. If they don't match the aggression, they'll eat it. And since they are the biggest dog on the porch and have undeniably assisted in countless legal victories regarding firearms, then that means our rights will eat it.

            I'm not saying the NRA has all their ducks in a row, like any organization they have their issues. But I stand by my previous statement.

            The gentlemen's game is over. Nice guys finish last. I'm not condoning lethal force unless it is impressed upon us first, but I also don't condone sitting back and letting these assholes be the ONLY voice heard. They need to realize they're swatting at a hornet's nest with their stupid political-activist fucktard shit.
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              Conspiracy theory time.

              Are we starting to notice it yet? That what used to pass for a government has somehow changed hands right under our noses. Used to, our government would engage in stupid futile exercises which weren't entirely so stupid at the time because it felt like the moral/ethical/just thing to do. Like Vietnam, Iraq, the space race. Iraq just abruptly ended. Probably because it became very clear that it was costing us a veritable FUCK LOAD of money to be there with a battle-ready presence. NASA don't do jack shit anymore. The government outright refuses to give them the funding it takes to do shit in space anymore. Space has become the market of the private sector now. It's become the hobby of billionaire nerds like Richard Branson and Elon Musk to do all the research into the future of space flight, which means that all the brilliant minds are working SEPARATE from each other as commercial competitors when they could probably formulate better solutions working TOGETHER.

              Just seems to me like EVERYTHING now has become a corporation. It doesn't matter if it's probably vital to the survival of our species to explore space, because it doesn't seem to be profitable NOW, so fuck it. It doesn't matter that we rode through Iraq, turned the place upside down, and then left abruptly allowing gangsters under the guise of religion (ISIS, etc) to fill the vacuum. Fuck our moral responsibility to fix the shit that we break. It costs too much. The executive committee says nay.

              And is it purely a coincidence that about the time of this subtle political climate change occurred, it became legal for corporations to donate UNLIMITED funds to political candidates? Yes. It's merely a coincidence. Pfft, No one would ever lie to you, right? Lying would be unethical. And if corporations are known for anything, it's being able to keep a strict code of ethics absent laws that force them to do so.

              (In other words... if it ain't illegal and on the books, they consider it legal, and ethics are irrelevant. Business and Government are the two biggest remorseless psychopaths the world has ever known. Dunno if Thomas Jefferson coined any phrases like that... but he should've.)

              And this is how shit's gonna go from now on. It doesn't matter what we vote on. We aren't on the committee. And they don't vote with the same rationale that we do. They see dollars and profit, and that's all they wanna see. It can't get any worse? Hehe, bullshit it can't. You just watch. It's GONNA. Nothing we can do short of nationwide organized resistance will stop it. And they have us distracted fighting over gun laws and gay marriage and college safe spaces and everything else. We're too busy hating each other to hate them.
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