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  • Originally posted by R00k View Post
    I've even gotten Qrack running protocol 666 and your mod flawlessly... you are certainly always welcome here imho!
    Thanks man, very much appreciated. A new version of AD 1.7 is due out soon for xmas, featuring more stuff!

    {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tad_s1m1_3a.jpg Views:\t2 Size:\t68.0 KB ID:\t277932","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"277932","data-size":"full"}
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    • Well, there is my first christmas present :-)
      I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
      My little gore mod :


      • Excellent !!! I've become a regular viewer of your Twitter page waiting for more news. This is good to hear.

        General aside:

        I know it doesn't matter now, but to anyone who read my previous posts regarding command-line options in this thread...I provided some misinformation. You don't add -game quoth or -game hipnotic. It is simply just -quoth or -hipnotic. This allows the HUD features without running the quoth or hipnotic mod.

        Thanks to mugwump for reminding me of that in some other thread.
        'Replacement Player Models' Project


        • @ I never feel welcome at this place and prefer to drift through once in a blue moon.

          That's insanity! You are arguably the MOST welcomed person here. How much love, thumbs ups, followers, adoration and respect do you need, brother? This entire site are your fans....hanging on your every release and accomplishment. Spike might be the only other person here with as much respect as you have.
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          • You feel unwelcomed? That's not good.

            I for my part welcome every single bit of new regarding the AD mod. Somewhere else i stated that it's a whole new game more or less and i'm really excited about it. I had a quick look into it and saw some of GGRCs videos playing AD. I will play it after new year and i'm really happy that i saved it up until then. It will be a celebration. Phones out of the window, nailed and bolted housedoor, crushed doorbell, windows all painted black, cats into the animal shelter, tied up neighbours, street closed. No disturbances! Coffee, Cola, Chips. Quakespasm. Headphones. Volume up until my ears bleed.

            I am a modder and i did some first maps but i neither see the code nor the mapping techniques behind a mod that i play. I want the adventures and the action, the atmosphere and the Quake setting, the nice art design, the simplicity, the gore and the guns. sock You and the other modders did an unbelievable job and every inch, corner and pixel sweats the love and work you put into AD and you even seem to develope it further and further. I am thankful for that because AD gives me a lot of the things i really miss in nowadays games.

            I don't take it for granted. I take it for a big, shiny, tasty present out of nowhere.

            Consider me a fanboy, not of the guys behind the AD mod but the mod itself (well, nonetheless, you all rock like hell and i'm not gay but i would totally suck all of your Dicks! (meant in good fun, no real intention to do so )).

            Greetings and have a nice weekend
            I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
            My little gore mod :


            • With the final map Forgotten Sepulcher finished after a long year of development, Arcane Dimensions is now a complete project. All the map hub portals are full of places to explore and the only thing left to do, is create one final downloadable zip file!

              Since the release of AD 1.6 there has been a new release of the Quakespasm engine (0.93) which is recommended for running this MOD. The special AD mod engine is not necessary anymore, but it still works fine if you liked the extra features (The front menu had a MOD option and there was an alternative version (QSS) with better particles)

              The AD zip file is getting a bit big and inconvenient to download and I think its time to start splitting stuff off into separate files. The AD map source files are not needed or viewed much and if anyone wants to see them, just drop me an email request.

              This download contains all the previous maps, some new extra code and features, lots of bug fixes, some new mapper features (check documentation) and as a final bonus, a couple of extra maps hidden away in the main map hubs, good hunting!

              Website/Download -