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Re-opening server soon.

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  • wicked_lord
    started a topic Re-opening server soon.

    Re-opening server soon.

    I am going to be re-opening here within the next week or so. I came on tonight to play a few games and had to deal with Perochi using the nick name (striker=ni**er) and as far as i am concerned, i would rather beat the snot out of this kid, but i wouldnt want the felony charges dropped on me for child abuse. I spoke with "mono" because the name was being used on his server, and if he wants to allow this type of racial shit to happen on his server, he can. I don't appreciate it and i'm sure a few other's do not as well. So will be re-opening up shortly in Atlanta. I can't promise the (week) of a notice, but i will promise i will be re-opening it soon as i get the time to get it all set up and ready for gaming again. As for perochi, he will be banned from the server and his racial childish epithets right along with it. Also anyone who hates child molester's as much as i do, and get's called a pedo(pedophile) and such, is unwarranted.

    Mindz, r00k... i'll let you both know when its back up.

  • Mindf!3ldzX
    automatic map rotation would be nice. picking maps is annoying

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  • rambo
    or learn to hook faster

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  • R00k
    E4M3 is one of those maps if u can hook like a monkey u dont need a weapon.
    just play my "elder" and theres only 1 Quad

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  • monoz
    5 quads...

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  • bluntz
    Originally posted by monoz View Post
    zer : i just joind to talk shit to bluntz
    zer : about refusing to ctf

    Obviously the most important sentence is the last - BLUNTZ!

    Yea well I am sick of Elder.Almost as much as DM3.
    6 quads and 2 RL's with both bases at the end of 2 bottlenecks= gayrapophobia.
    Nobody seems willing to play all the good balanced maps and I have better things to do than spend 1/2 the match trying to get a RL.As long the spawn time for weapons is longer than it takes to cap,it makes no sense and just pisses me off.

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  • Polarite
    Servers are still on the site,so when you restart them they will auto show again.

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  • monoz
    I was obviously distraught in that game due to the racial tension happening on my server.

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  • Mindf!3ldzX
    Wife would honestly rather talkshit for winning 1v1 / larger CAx game than ha ha

    like this..........
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  • wicked_lord
    Originally posted by monoz View Post
    Please open up more servers. Why you thought that was a threat to me confuses me. I would much rather run a ctf/cts server then cax. I started the server merely to help the community since 3-4 cax servers went down overnight.

    Just to clarify what happened, I joined the server last night. Within 5 seconds, wicked said "Im opening new servers because you let racists play here" (or something along those lines). Since I just joined, I had no idea what he was talking about. He then said that someone was using the n-word in their name. I will not be involved in pissing matches between players. I do not spend all day reading the logs to see who is bad and who is nice. I have better things to do with my life.

    I don't know anything about your beef with Perochi and, frankly, I don't care. When I was on the server, I did not see any racist comments by anyone. In sum, don't blame me for other people's behavior.
    Within 5 seconds, i asked if you could ask perochi to stop using racial names such as "striker=ni**er" as he had on his name for over 30 seconds once you logged in. I personally don't care that he used the name, but there are certain player's who play who get offended by such childish shit. You said you do not look at the logs on the server to know what is being said, even though he used the ni**er word excessively toward me on the server i never brought that up. Because you showed no care in the world for players disrespecting other player's i simply stated, i am going to open cax back up. Again it's your server and you choose what you want done there. I just choose simply to not play there if your going to allow the utmost disrespect toward players on your server. And as for the beef with perochi, im still at a loss with wondering why after 10-11 years the little prick attacked me on my own server one day months ago. He came out and started saying shit like "aimbot, cheater, etc..." Sadly, he was in the same clan as i was, and i do not even remember him. It's not my fault poppyc0ck recruited suck ass players (perochi) back 10-11 years ago. So thats where i will end this subject at.

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  • monoz
    Who is perochi? Is that Dots?

    The only person I dislike is Frenzy and he is too poor to play quake anymore.

    I'll give your wife admin so she can talk shit to you about it.

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  • Mindf!3ldzX
    @ No Admin comment
    That was my statement? it was 1v1v1 with 4th slot locked + r00k was drinking, and I'm not one to enjoy Quake without verifying occasionally everyone else is enjoying themselves too.

    The sad part about the entire scenario is I avoided this shit when I seen it at server browser on front page of (I seen you,Crow,& others @ server) besides I don't ask for admin (or want it until Perochi type issues arise,and muting is sufficient 9 out of 10 time).

    The SADDER part is the reason I didn't connect to the server when this was happening because I 99% positive Perochi was sTrollin around. Clearly I was right with hesitating to join,next time instead of delaying my join I'll entirely avoid server :F

    I'm pretty sure you DONT like me, I mean the only thing I have to go by is what is said in-game,and lately I'm pretty sure on a scale of WTF I'm way passed the F broseph.

    All this petty shit is driving more nails in Q1, and is beneath any more responses after I hit the reply button.

    75% of this shit is Perochi , 25% of this is Circumstances....

    <3 Mindz <3
    Last edited by Mindf!3ldzX; 11-30-2012, 08:03 AM.

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  • Perochi

    Last edited by Perochi; 11-30-2012, 08:45 AM.

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  • monoz
    zer has connected with proquake version 4.00
    DyS: egh
    (Camp-Freddy): hey mono
    Striker=******: mono
    Striker=******: wanna ctf?
    (DyS): bridge 100 H200 A
    (DyS): mound 100 H200 A
    zer : i have been
    crow was shocked by DyS's thunderbolt
    Striker=******: o shit
    Striker=******: wtf when?
    * has won the round.
    Striker=****** was the round MVP with 300 points of damage given.
    * has won the match.
    DyS was the MVP with 1720 points of damage given.
    zer : test dhz
    crow: gg
    DyS has joined the *
    Striker=****** renamed to CTFNOWZZ
    DyS: moar moar
    Camp-Freddy: mono, if your going to allow people like
    CTFNOWZZ: <----!!!
    Camp-Freddy: perochi on ur server to use racial
    Camp-Freddy: names towards people

    DyS: o
    CTFNOWZZ: and?
    Camp-Freddy: i will open all cax servers back up.

    CTFNOWZZ: good
    CTFNOWZZ: i dont care
    CTFNOWZZ: u pedo
    DyS: o
    DyS: press 2
    DyS: then 3
    (DyS): enemy at mound
    zer : open them up
    DyS: and another 3
    CTFNOWZZ has joined the *
    zer : i dont care
    zer has joined the *
    DyS: one more 3
    CTFNOWZZ: id rather be on monos server any day
    crow: i gtg folks
    DyS: Pr3S5 iT
    CTFNOWZZ: he knows when im trolling
    Camp-Freddy: i dont see the sense in someone
    CTFNOWZZ: lolol
    Camp-Freddy: having to use racial names
    Camp-Freddy: towards others on a game.
    Camp-Freddy: pretty childish.
    CTFNOWZZ renamed to Striker=Trolled
    zer : i dont read the logs

    crow: l8rs
    Striker=Trolled: <------
    zer : how do i know
    zer : what people talk about
    Striker=Trolled: mono
    Camp-Freddy: he just had the name up
    Camp-Freddy: striker=******?

    Striker=Trolled: lolol
    DyS: o
    Striker=Trolled: so?
    Camp-Freddy: you mean to tell me you didnt see it?
    Striker=Trolled: u want me banned?
    Striker=Trolled: like u dont talk shit to ppl striker
    DyS: 3
    Camp-Freddy: never asked for you to be banned
    Striker=Trolled: GET FUCKING REAL
    Camp-Freddy: perochi.
    Camp-Freddy: just stop acting like
    Camp-Freddy: omi,wolv.
    zer : i just joind to talk shit to bluntz
    zer : about refusing to ctf

    Obviously the most important sentence is the last - BLUNTZ!


    get: if we was at a server that i had admin
    get: on
    get: i would setmaxteams
    get: 4

    get: obv
    get: rook
    get: hey bro
    glO: obv
    get was gibbed by Mark !'s rocket
    glO: lol i think its funny
    glO: maybe mono will give it u
    glO: for a handie
    glO: or a hummer
    * has won the round.
    Mark ! was the round MVP with 300 points of damage given.
    get: haha
    get: mono doesnt like me

    You never asked for admin bitch. I gave it to on my last servers, why wouldn't I have done it here.

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  • Mindf!3ldzX
    Would someome please re-attach Perochi's ballsack back so he can stop acting like a 26 year old BITCH

    NO,REALLY. I'm being serious guys.

    [DOTS] can't stop being butt-hurt for his hatred for NP Striker, and because I
    asked/demanded he stop acting like a bitch he then lashes out and PM's stupid perverse attituded shit to MrsMindz.

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I'm awesome, I return to Q1 and then backstab the first guy do be like OH HEY ITS PEROCHI sup d00d. Please get a grip on yourself,get on the meds,and return back to GG's of Quake.

    like I told you the other day, I've no desire to be around you when you're blinded by raging.

    We can either be bro's or not I don't really care. Get along or GTFO, jeez.

    Are we ??

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