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How to setup and get GLquake up and running (preferably through steam)

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  • How to setup and get GLquake up and running (preferably through steam)

    HI so I am farely new to quake but have been playing the freeware version online known as webqauke for years

    Anyways I bought it thru steam but wasn't aware of all the versions of quake that existed and was shocked when the version that steam gave me was all pixely and played like 1990's Doom

    So I did some research and learned about all the different versions that existed and while I downloaded quakespasm, I dont like some of the more modern touchs such as the gun model being lowwer on the screen, smoother animations, etc

    I just prefer the way GLquake looks as this is what webquake is based off of and it dosn't look as pixely like the MS DOS version which comes with steam plus it supports more features

    So long story short, I tried to setup the steam version of GLqauke but I can't change the resolution and don't know how to disable doom aim, plus apparently there are newwer versions avaible online

    How do I setup glquake and get a newwer version up and running or at the very least chanage the resolution for the steam version. I really don't want to play thru the game with quakespasm or MSDOS for the first time.

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    I'm not familiar with the Webquake engine but have you tried Fitzquake Mark V?
    Many engines today support a lot of features, both eye-candy and other stuff, but usually you can disable the features from within the client or thru editing the config file.

    If not Fitzquake works for you try some other engine from the list here

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