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First Presidential Debate

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  • in our defense, the only 2 people that read that sentence thought the same thing.

    It's probably because "from france" fit so well at the end of the first sentence. If you would have put it at the end of the second sentence well, we probably would have thought republicans are jumping off french ships... in single file

    Cause we're dumb! LOL


    • Ya dumb 'muricans!

      I should've added a line break to avoid confusion. I've just edited that post accordingly.
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      • my humble opinion: i think that the vast tangle of corporations (hildelberg group etc ...) care a shit who wins in USA (or any large country). Lobbyists always win, people always lose. Democracy in XXI century is something like the less harmful lie
        I think there is too much "show" in the actual elections.
        the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



        • 3 words

          AL Smith Dinner -

          You guy's know about this? ooooh-ho-ho if you don't!

          Tonight, The Donald and Hillary get to roast each other at the Al Smith Dinner. Fox news intends to air it live. They said at 9 so it's probably 8 central. I can't wait, this is going to be so awkward and mean.

          Apparently this is a Presidential election tradition. I have never heard of this until today. You better believe I'm not gonna miss it. It's probably impossible to truly miss it cause the entire thing will probably end up on youTube when it's done.


          • Oh wow, this roast is not very good but, it's BRUTAL! Or at least the Trump part. Trump delivered his jokes terribly but, his jokes were so mean that he is being booed by the guests of the dinner. He landed a really sneaky one though.

            in regards to Hillary claiming she "does not remember" to FBI director Comey

            Trump began saying that he didn't want to leave without saying something good about his opponent. He went on about how she has had a long time in office and a lot of experience but ended with "She has forgotten more than we will ever know.".... 0.0. I don't think this dinner is intended to bash anyone. Trump was vicious. IMO it showed a lack of class.
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            • Hillary's jokes are killing. Her jibs at Donald are with a sense of class and an awareness of the point of the event. She is also delivering them much better than he delivered his. Also, unlike Trump she has told a fair number of jokes about herself.