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    Originally posted by DeathMaster View Post
    ...I'm sorry, I fed it and now it's back for more...

    I asked if you were Jewish because I thought that might have something to do with you relentlessly calling Gypsy an anti-semite. But you won't mention that, will you?
    I kinda just did mention that, and the comparison still applies. Anyway...

    See, you make the declaration that I'm a troll and then follow it up with more shit that gives a determined troll an opening to troll further. Right now I'd have a prime opportunity to discuss antisemitism more if I wanted to. (I don't though, old news, disappointing probably, right?) And BFG further exacerbates things with his totally counter-productive remark. What's that say about you? Maybe you enjoy it on some level. Is this more trolling? No, just my observations, and it doesn't require debate. But if someone else decides to debate it anyway, BAM, I become a de facto troll because of it. So if it keeps going... all you, baby.