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  • Wolfenstine Enemy Territory maps - ChaosEsqueAnthology - Darkplaces fork

    Source code, 32 bit and 64 bit linux binaries are on the iso. (anyone ever compiled DP or xonotic on windows?)
    Took 2 weeks to hack that into the engine, and another week for game code in QC to support the stuff ET maps have in.
    The Wolfenstine Enemy Territory settings are in the Misc tab in the settings.
    ChaosEsque automagically detects a Wolfenstine Enemy Territory map and, by default, applies "correct" player physics settings temporarily.
    You can also set it for all maps from that tab, and also switch out what mounted machineguns are used (little box there).

    Also runs True Combat Elite maps.

    The Xonotic and Darkplaces devs were not happy at this development. They thought to themselves
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      Poor joke or bad taste it's hard to tell...