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Putin lifts ban on S-300.....

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  • Putin lifts ban on S-300.....


    Putin trying to woo Iran, sends message over MM2 for date. "(Putin):Won't you be my bosom buddy?"

    AS IF!

    Is it just me or does bat shit crazy indicate a good starting definition of what's going on with Iran....

    This seems to indicate that hell in a hand basket isn't too far away,
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    I don't subscribe to war mongering, I subscribe to a utopia where Science has nullified all disease, world hunger, and basically hope to witness a "Star Trek" type world that follows the trusty Prime Directive / Starfleet General Order 1.....................

    so, don't misunderstand my commentary about this article....

    Iran Just Blew Up a Fake American Aircraft Carrier

    ^ the biggest joke, they should cease all negotiations,I mean WHAT THE FUCK IRAN?Rattle that fucking Sabre some more please,it really helps matters.... I don't buy the "nuclear energy" for one fucking second. Another thing to note, in a real skirmish of fn Attack boats vs a Aircraft carrier, fat chance on their toy boats getting near a US aircraft carrier,and in the event it does happen, my condolences.

    I pray to the level headed scientific crowd,I don't witness a third nuclear bomb being detonated. Something tells me the fan's cranking up to high speed and someone's putting on rubber gloves, and preparing to chuck poo directly into it.

    Holy shit man, isn't the world fucked up enough as is without Russia selling S-300's to Iran, and just fuck me dude.....honestly what the fuck?
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      Ignore me,I'm out to go shove my nose straight up NASA & ESA's ass,and take a huge wiff of what's going on with each of these respective space agencies.

      Current position of the ISS

      ^ ahhh so much better, The one thing I can count on, the international space station. I like to imagine that the scientists / astronauts who are involved with the ISS are above the bullshit. It helps that they literally are above it too....

      No politics in space: ISS example of what Russia, US can achieve working together ? RT News

      ^ oSo above the bullshit, literally and figuratively.
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        @iran nuclear energy

        I totally think Iran should have nukes. We have them. Everybody else has them. The constitution says I have the right to keep and bare arms. I believe in the constitution FOR ALL. So, Iran can have nukes.

        What do people think will happen if Iran gets nukes? The media portrays it like Iran will take over the world or something. What will really happen is 2 fold

        1)Iran will have nukes
        2)Megalomania countries like U.S. will think twice before fucking with them.

        Just like it should be.

        Iran has to know that no matter how many nukes they have if they were to actually use them they would be wiped off the face of the planet. ISRAEL ALONE could wipe Iran off the planet. WHich is exactly why Iran should have nukes. What if you lived in a city where everybody was allowed to own guns except you? How is this any different?

        When world leaders stop trying to micro-manage all the bad people in the world, their decisions will cease to take power out of the hands of the good people and we will solve our own problems. Ya know, I don't give a shit if 911 was exactly what it seemed or an inside job. The reason is simple, it doesn't matter. The real point is that stuff like that can (and will) happen. The solution isn't to create agencies that treat all americans like a potential threat. The solution is to continue on in the face of these things with all the rights you had before it happened. Your rights empower you to encounter much of the worlds evils on your own. Can you stop a plane from flying into a skyscraper? No. But an empowered people can stop that plane from being hijacked in the first place.

        This means we can't stop Iran from gaining nukes, no matter how many treaties, laws, whatever are inacted. What we can do is not make any new laws and render their nukes useless by volume.

        "Oh, Iran I see you finally got a nuke. Good for you fella. We have 4000 of them and 1 is pointed at your nuke. Let's hope we don't have a situation where we get some bad intel and start pushing buttons with reactionary fervor. It would be ironic if your nuke blew up your country."
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          Gypsy honestly has a point.
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            This isn't bubble gum so I don't subscribe to the "did you bring enough for everyone?" point of view, IMO no one needs to have Nuke's,and no one certainly deserves them!

            A wild west of nuclear bombs is the most M.A.D. arrangement imaginable......that's something I stand back and take concern with,as should anyone. That is a bold statement to be okay with such a world....

            Human being's have a proven track record of being shitty to each other, no matter who they are or what they believe in, or where they come from!

            I am surprised that you would be okay with a world where your moral compass can recognize whats fair and square in terms of "being entitled to own a nuclear bomb just because others have one too" and the repercussions that would most definitely come with it...

            Nearly everyone in the wild west had 6 shooters, and shoot outs were common.... but nukes?

            Do you really look forward to a world where every country has their own key to the ignition of mutually assured destruction and can take the world on one last joy ride? For the sake of fairness?

            Damn bro o_O
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              Mindf!3ldzX honestly has a point.


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                @no one should have them

                Well, I agree with this fantasy situation but, my post was regarding the fact that we do have them. I'm all for complete nuke disarmament as long as the friendly aliens come and make sure they are all truly destroyed.... :p

                Edit: We will free ourselves of nukes and war when the entire world is under one corporation, and it is nukes and war that will build that corporation.
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                  Trace/Dnews da man

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                    middle east+nukes=ww3.
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                      We will have ww3 anyway. 3 wars were planned (long long ago) and each one erodes a specific empowerment. The next war will eliminate or consolidate religion. The consolidation is an elimination cause the one world religion will have nothing to do with the religions that currently exist.

                      With one world religion will come one world government. We all have to be shoved into one belief system for us to be governed by one set of laws. This is a good sign that ww3 is still a good ways away. There are far too many people alive of devout faith that will never accept a new faith. The current indoctrination system has a lot more work to do to produce enough faithless slaves to adhere to the new system. Of course the beast system (basically a credit card tattoo or implanted chip) could be used as a weapon to kill off your devout but, that isn't going to work if half the world isn't willing to accept the system. Not to mention that there are plenty of people prepped for such an occassion. The "elite" still have a lot of work to do to see their conquest realized.

                      I fully believe America will be attacked in WW3. It is the only way to crush the constitution once and for all. Look at all the rights you lost due to some airplanes flying into some skyscrapers. Wait til bombs start landing in your neighborhood. You will officially have NO rights. You will be told this is necessary to keep you safe but, you never were not safe (so to speak). It is all a charade. We'll probably be dropping bombs on ourselves just to make it happen.

                      WW1 put the nations money in the hands of the bank. WW2 put the nations in the hands of the bank. WW3 will put the world in the hands of the bank.

                      When you realize that banks started every war and look at how much more powerful those banks became after each war, you realize that our ONLY enemy is the bank.
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                        I have an idea. Lets convince world leaders to fight their wars in Quake.

                        Am I the only one who ever had this idea? Someone should make a movie about that.
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                          I have an idea:

                          Let's convince the entire populace that we don't need world leaders.


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                            Originally posted by Ebisu View Post
                            I have an idea. Lets convince world leaders to fight their wars in Quake.

                            Am I the only one who ever had this idea? Someone should make a movie about that.
                            you are thinking like a normal citizen of the world. you dont need the war, i dont need the war. also i think, that all countries must cooperate and make something positive.

                            but america, for example, become mad, when someone, Russia for example, have planes and defends its own borders from drones. african countries in war just because they hate each other.

                            and the main goal not to be the "best coutry", but make life of other countries is worse. its a very pity.


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                              It's not really America, bro. It's our leaders and we aren't happy about it either. I have more than a handful of friends that have considered that America would be better off with Putin as Prez.

                              I have talked to non-Americans before about our leaders and I tend to get hit with the "Why don't your people get rid of them?". The best example I can give for that is the AIDS virus. I'm sure most AIDS victims would love to do something about their AIDS but there doesn't seem to be a cure.

                              I mean, what are we gonna do? Take on Black-Hawk helicopters with revolvers and rifles? Not to mention there is also a foreign military presence here that most people are completely oblivious of. They're here for this exact reason. Lots of American military would have a problem firing on it's own people, foreign military would care not.

                              You have to also understand that America is not a country. It is a corporation. Our leaders are CEO's and executives. There is no such thing as The United States Of America cause a long time ago we became THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You wouldn't think that capital letters make a difference until you start studying law. The bottom line is: As a country, our goals would be infrastructure, jobs, manufacturing etc, but as a corporation the goals become expansion and maintaining corporate interests.

                              I could go super deep on this and even get into how every american citizen is actually a product of the corporation and technically has no rights what-so-ever but, what I have said so far should give you an idea of why the US is trying to micro-manage every country. Blame the bank. For real, centralized banks have ruined the free world, and it will be a bank and a bank system that finally enslaves the entire world. You want to end war? End the bank.

                              note: I am NOT a Ron Paul supporter. I want to say that cause the theme of my post rings of "End The Fed", and that is definitely what I'm saying we need to do but not just the Fed... all central banks. I also didn't get any of my information from Ron Paul. By the time Paul came out with "end the fed" I was lightyears past that subject.
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