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Knave HD texture pack - jakub's take

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  • Knave HD texture pack - jakub's take

    Hello fellow quakers

    I've completed another texture pack. Knave is probably my favorite texture set and many "knave" textures were already included in my previous packs. So I wanted to compile a proper HD pack covering wider range of "knave" themed levels. As usually, it all started with the simple idea - use my already finished textures from Tronyn/Travail texture packs, create a (presumably) few missing textures. Easy stuff.... And then it somehow spiraled out of control once again and it took much longer than expected. There were two reasons for that:
    • a decision to avoid other people's work led to reworking several textures from my previous packs - for example kgrX_X series is now brand new. Both Travail/Tronyn packs have been also updated with the new versions of these textures.
    • knave themed levels rarely use only knave textures. Knave Jam no.9 greatly extended final texture count as well as inclusion of Xala'noth - Part 1 with unique texture set never seen in quake before. Sadly, there is only one proper level (+start map) and the rest of the episode is still in limbo. Maybe some day....

    I listed all "knave" themed maps/episodes in quaddicted database and this is the result.

    Knave HD pack covers following maps and mods:
    ID1 level(s) - A Quick One Before Azathoth Devours Fodrian
    ID1 level(s) - Dead But Dreaming
    ID1 level(s) - Down the ratbit hole
    ID1 level(s) - East Ardougne
    ID1 level(s) - Forgotten Tomb
    ID1 level(s) - Lairs of Kellephais
    ID1 level(s) - Nastrond
    ID1 level(s) - Recursion
    ID1 level(s) - The Contract
    mod/episode - Chthonic Deities
    mod/episode - Contract Revoked
    mod/episode - The Lost Chapters + extra addon level The Rest Is Silence
    AD level(s) - Atrocity Arise
    AD level(s) - Castle Karthenfrost
    AD level(s) - Xala'noth - Part 1
    Quoth level(s) - Are you yet Living
    Quoth level(s) - Breakfast at Twilight
    Quoth level(s) - Conference of the Shamblers
    Quoth level(s) - Gloomier Keep E1M5remix
    Quoth level(s) - Pain in the Arch
    Quoth level(s) - Red 777
    Quoth level(s) - Subterranean Library
    Quoth level(s) - Shifting planes of existence
    Quoth level(s) - Func MapJam 9

    NOT covered by this pack:
    • Arcanum by Tronyn - the only one big remaining "knave" release is already covered by my Tronyn HD pack
    • Knave level from WarpSpasm - this pack covers roughly 80% of the textures. Whole WarpSpasm/Rubicon texture pack is a story for another day
    • Knave level from Smej2 (typical mega monstrosity by Mazu) - same as above

    Almost all the new textures are made by me. As usually, the rest is based on the original QRP material and altered be me. My final goal is to create a new internally consistent texture base unrelated to other creator's texture compilations.

    a little statistics:
    1259 - total number of textures used in above listed maps/mods
    255 - not included textures, ID1 QRP or irrelevant textures (clip textures or textures not used in playable area)
    815 - new textures made by me, majority is brand new, some based on QRP material
    189 - remaining textures are mostly renamed QRP textures, some edited by me, but only slightly
    Detailed credits file and the original low-res textures for comparison are included.

    Put pk3 file into directory of any above mentioned mods or id1 folder for vanilla id1 levels and play. No other texture pack except for ID1 QRP pack is needed. Using any other texture pack would only create conflicts and is not advisable.

    some comparison screens:

    Texture used for teleports. There was almost nothing to built upon so I had to be a little more creative. Inspired by the texture name itself... demonica..

    Switch texture, used everywhere not only in knave themed maps.

    No proper knave level can be without satanic pentagram.

    Cobble pavement

    May seem like a variant of existing QRP material, but it was easier to make it from scratch than trying to modify existing doors.

    Some machinery from Xala'noth, probably evil.

    Some piping from Xala'noth, probably also evil.

    There already was a version of this texture in my Travail/Tronyn pack but it didn't fit to the pack so I remade it from scratch.

    Same as above, whole kgrX series is new now.

    Another brick in the wall.

    Big brother is watching (with little sisters).

    Natural textures are still hard for me.. rock, soil, grass.. just using real photos look out of place in the game. A lot of iteration here.

    I see dead people.

    Don't know exactly what it is... a wall with jaws?

    One from KnaveJam9. Not exactly knave texture but I wanted all textures to be covered by one pack.

    Another new version of already existing texture. Previous version from Travail/Tronyn pack was made by talisa and edited by me, but i still wasn't satisfied and made a new one.

    download here

    alternative download here (courtesy of webangel)


    version 1.0
    initilal release

    Last edited by jakub1; 10-13-2023, 09:49 AM.
    my projects so far:

    Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
    Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
    Nehahra rtlights and other experiments

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    Might consider making page at moddb and uploading it there. (That Rivarez Edition is 5.4 gigs, they provide ample storage for sure, that's what got me hooked.). I mention because that missing SMC 5.xx incidient scared me.

    What map do you suggest I try that looks great with this set? (One with 70 or less monsters).

    (I might need to play Contract Revoked again).
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    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      Moddb page - well, I will think about it. I am preparing one cumulative thread on quaddicted forum with all my projects so far.

      As for the good testing levels - my favorite knave levels so far are Chthonic Deities by jpal and you can't make mistake with Nastrond or Skacky's level from jam9.

      my projects so far:

      Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
      Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
      Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


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        Hi jakub1,
        nice work. If you are interested - I have alot of webspace and can mirror your work.
        Since I dont do anything creative at the moment I can help out with this


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          ... and another fantastic texture Pack by Jakub

          Thank you very much for your passion and time making this.
          Yes, Baker is right, some juicy screenshots is always a good appetizer.

          Have a great weekend,


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            Hi everybody,

            thanks for kind words and hope you will enjoy HD quaking. Long time no see Seven, it is good to have you back :-)

            @wabangel - backup file hosting is a good idea. I will gladly take up you offer. Google drive is fast, but to depend on Google may be tricky...

            Last edited by jakub1; 10-06-2023, 12:42 PM.
            my projects so far:

            Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
            Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
            Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


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              Okay I upload it today and post the links for you ;-)


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                jakubs textures downloads:



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                  Direct links to alternative downloads have been added to all texture projects. Thanks webangel.
                  my projects so far:

                  Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
                  Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
                  Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


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                    Hi Jakub, are you planning to do the textures for the official Missionpacks Shrak , Aftershock and Malice too? Would be nice... at least Malice is great!


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                      Hi webangel, frankly speaking I find all these three mission packs extremely ugly, boring and unworthy of any attention whatsoever. Level design based on one right-angled room after another... not appealing to me at all. Hires textures would look ridiculous together with a such simplistic architecture. There are other more interesting projects in the pipeline :-)
                      my projects so far:

                      Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
                      Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
                      Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


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                        Oh can't wait what's the next project from you


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                          Nice! Great to see someone is still making textures
                          Moon[Drunk]'s Quake Graphics
                          Quake Revitalization/Retexturing Project