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  • @jd
    you could easily copy the effect-blocks for the afrits fireball and change the effectname line to the effectname used for hellknights projectiles so that they will use effect of afrits fireball

    ive done this myself for the lava-nails in ROGUE, i made them have the flame-effect from hellknight projectiles, which looks totally badass
    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


    • Hello Legend,

      All points that you mentioned can be modified without much hassle to make them work with all replacement supporting engines. Your qc skill gets better quickly, so you will be able to do this for sure.

      Hello Josh,

      If I recall correctly all projectiles use their own effect names in the "small mod compilation". And as you know you can modify them to your personal likings with ease through effectinfo.txt modification. I do not recommend to copy/paste things, as they will most probably not fit for others as projectiles usually have different velocity, litetime, quantity, size, etc. that needs individual effectinfo-syntax settings for each. And if I am not mistaken there is a small tutorial about basic effectinfo.txt usage in this forum and in others as well. And there is the dpwiki as always for support. A lot of effects are available to look into and learn from as well.


      Seeing that some people are having issues with the mod due to wrong usage and that people in general do not read readme´s, I decided to try another approach to make the mod more user friendly. Especially to avoid issues with the game.

      So starting with the next update I will create/include a custom quake.rc and introduce a dedicated "smc_config.cfg" which is run after the autoexec.

      That will allow to keep individual users autoexec´s and not meddle with it. And at the same time all smc related cvars/things will be in a separate config file: "smc_config.cfg" which maybe helps to understand the mod and how it can be modified.

      I guess I should have done this long time before, so the fault is surely on my side.

      The next update will focus (besides the things that already has been discussed/showed), on the selected skill and its impact to the game. Original Quake qc uses much to less skill-dependencies. Only for skill 3 there are some game mechanic impacts, like the shambler lightning last longer or the shalrath projectile flies faster. Besides the banal .attack_finished reduction for all enemies...

      If you like you can enable a gradual increase of some monsters attack behaviour from skill 0 to skill 3 now. For example, the higher the skill:
      soldiers aim better
      projectiles from hellknights wizards etc. will start to home mildly
      run and atack animations become slightly faster

      Best regards,

      PS: And maybe the mentioned "zombie scream" will get some affection
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      • sounds like a lot is going in to the new update! its still way hot hear and i have been having a lot of fun hanging out in my favorite darkplaces


        • UPDATE 20140811

          Quake version V5.00 Release

          New Features:
          - switched mod configuration file from "autoexec.cfg" to a dedicated "smc_config.cfg"
          - optional: fully adjustable tilted torches (autodetecting algorithm to adjust torches in all maps)
          - optional: monsters with fire-like projectiles and lava can inflame the player
          - optional: monsters with acid-like projectiles and slime can poison the player
          - optional: automatically modify/edit monster skins randomly (for higher variation in-game)
          - spiders jump + AI behaviour is improved and makes it a smarter opponent
          - optional: monsters can be inflamed with explosive weapons
          - Option to adjust monster attack and run animation speeds
          - Option to modify monsters frequence to go into pain animation
          - Option to raise monsters ranged attack frequence according to played "skill"-level
          - option to make soldiers aim better depending on played "skill"-level
          - option to make hellknight and wizard projectiles home midly depending on played "skill"-level

          Updated features:
          - bugfix: Quake´s original pain sound bug in skill 3
          - added option to only use specific custom backpacks instead of 'all or none'
          - option to use different health pickup sounds for custom potions and original models
          - added death message for new Hydra monster
          - cleaned up weapons.qc. "Oh my ..." what a mess
          - some minor modifications and added some satanic messages
          - MP2: Fix for explosion sound of Wraths
          - MP2: Fix for Darkplaces buzzsaw movement bug

          Please find updated Download links in 1st post.


          UPDATE 20140828

          All versions V5.00 Release

          New Features:
          - MP1: option to adjust gremlin´s "steal players weapon" chance
          - MP1: option to adjust gremlin´s gorging speed
          - MP1: scourge nails damage and players nailgun damage can be adjusted separately
          - MP1: Added "Weapon-Starter-Kit" for Hipnotic

          Updated features:
          - MP1: fixed hipdemo1.dem missing music bug
          - MP1: fixed gremlin´s 'gorging without visible corpses' bug
          - MP1: fixed gremlin´s dont throw backpack when killed by lightning gun bug
          - MP1: fixed visible player legs wrong animations when carrying Mjolnir bug
          - MP1: Mjolnir can now crush/gib corpses (with lots of blood and gibs)
          - MP2: improved visual Quad effect for lava weapons (compared to V5.00)
          - MP2: fix for Darkplaces lavaman projectile "stuck in walls" bug

          Please find updated Download links in 1st post.

          Last edited by Seven; 08-29-2014, 08:30 AM. Reason: Added change history for Mission packs V5


          • Wow Fantastic release! Can't wait to find all the hidden goodies you aren't mentioning!


            • Gotta say you've out done yourself! Nicely done! Congrats on cleaning up the mess on weapons.qc. This will make editing a bit easier The one thing about SMC is the more you add the more complicated it is for me to modify Fantastic stuff tho. I also noticed the fix you did on skill 3. Its amazing I never noticed it before. The poison is a nice addition! I also used the multiskin/model setup this time around. It's alot of variety now. Still not impressed with the spider :/ But it's my least favorite quake enemy. Otherwise some stellar work! Thanks again!
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              • awesome, another update!
                cant wait to get to play around with the enflamed effect in-game

                will you also be updating hipnotic and rogue soon?
                especially hipnotic is far behind in updating, its still left at version4.55
                and doesnt have any of the newer stuff i love like the custom health-models and the Q3quad effect,
                shambler-quaking, adjustable max ammo, random monster-sizes and the new wall-torches

                i dun play hipnotic much cuz i am not to fond of the high amount of base-levels of that mission-pack,
                but i still like to play it too from time to time.
                and it would be great to have it updated too with all the new features you gave us after SMC V4.55
                Last edited by talisa; 08-11-2014, 05:16 PM.
                are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                • Great to see another update Seven!!

                  I agree with Talisa the mission-packs are falling woefully behind...but DAMN..I love all of you new ideas!!


                  • Originally posted by Seven View Post

                    I thought they were more ugly than before, but good textures though.

                    How much more do you have to do? Is this a big long project or is this just creating mods for people to give Quake a little more spice of their preferences?


                    • Hello Frost R17,

                      I think you misunderstood the post that you quoted above.
                      The skin textures that you see in those screenshots are not new/different textures. The textures in each screenshot are all the same texture, modified by the "random skin color" feature of the "small mod compilation" V5.0.
                      None of them can be *downloaded*, they are generated via qc and the engine shows them in-game. Each time you start a map you will see slightly different skins. The intense of this effect can be adjusted via cvars in 3 steps and activated for each monster individually:
                      - slight
                      - moderate [default]
                      - strong
                      The idea behind this was to bring a little bit more variation on top.
                      The feature is independent to the actualy used replacement texture or model. It also works if you play with vanilla monsters (without replacements). It is explained in the readme and smc_config.cfg.

                      Jeff and talisa,

                      If you keep in mind how many maps you can play with the id1 mod (approx. 1000 existing maps) compared to the hipnotic or rogue mod (less than 20 each) you will see the importance for the id1 mod (this is also reflected in the much higher download counts).
                      The official rogue mod was up-to-date with the official id1 mod before V5.0 was released yesterday (both had V4.80), so these are always very close to each other. I also have the rogue V5.0 mod almost done at my dev computer. The hipnotic is (also regarding download counts) the least focused mod.
                      Another reason why I develop the rogue mod more active than hipnotic, is that even the original rogue mod has a lot more issues/bugs with Darkplaces (as you can see in the change history file). The hipnotic mod runs much better with Darkplaces, so it is not so important to update/fix it (compared to rogue mod).

                      So in summary: Yes the rogue mod V5.0 is near completion while the hipnotic mod still needs some affection. Anyhow, for a coder it is the most boring thing to do the same stuff for mission packs again and again. It is much more fascinating/thrilling to create new code and features than copy/pasting the same code.
                      But as you know, the source is always included in the smc, so every monkey out there can copy/paste the code over to hipnotic It is really not difficult, but a little time consuming.

                      Hello PrimalLove

                      Have fun adding new things into or edit the mod to your likings. I hope you can read the messy code.

                      Thank you all for you feedback and suggestions. That makes me really happy.
                      Best wishes.


                      • Originally posted by Seven View Post
                        Anyhow, for a coder it is the most boring thing to do the same stuff for mission packs again and again. It is much more fascinating/thrilling to create new code and features than copy/pasting the same code.
                        You nailed it right there! Great comment! It's so true!


                        • to Seven

                          Sorry, I didn't read much.


                          • For a "small" mod compilation, it comes in at a kinda hefty size.

                            Also, where is the info for the targeting crosshair that changes color when over an enemy in the code?
                            Last edited by Legend; 08-19-2014, 01:02 PM.


                            • actually i believe its a "small mod" compilation, rather than a "small" mod compilation. see how that makes the difference?

                              The compliation is large. the mods themselves are small.
                              Gnounc's Project Graveyard Gnounc's git repo


                              • I'm getting a weird bug in the quad damage effect for the lava super nailgun. After I shoot, the skin stops animating for a few seconds and gets stuck.
                                Steel Sentinels remake project developer since 2012.