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  • seven are you saying that soon ill be able to use multiple reforged skins per monster at the same time? thank you. just, thank you


    • Seven,
      I don't know if this has been reported yet or not so if it has please forgive. I was playing on E1M4 and noticed when I killed a scrag above the water and it fell into the water there was no splash like with rockets, grenades, nails or shotgun. Can this be fixed so that when a fragged enemy is killed and falls in water there is a splash effect? Thought I'd get this in before you finish SMC 3.7 so that maybe it could be implemented?? Can't wait for it regardless!!


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      • Hello kreaper,
        Yes, that is what I was saying
        You will be able to use up to 3 different skins for all monsters at the same time (same map).

        Hello Jeff,
        You seem to listen very close to these kind of things, hehe.
        Yes I can add it. It is just a line that is needed. Knowing that you want to experiment with QC as well, please add this into wizard.qc (in function monster_wizard ()):
        self.cansplash = TRUE;
        You can add this to the wizards & hellknights projectiles if you want.

        @ all,

        One new small feature found its way into "small mod compilation" V3.7:
        Disabling the *Bleeding* of shootable buttons and secret walls/meshes.
        Some people dont like this behaviour and it can therefore now be disabled.

        Best wishes,


        • Thanks Seven!! I'll add it to my qc and recompile me some code!!


          • Is this just the sound Seven, or the splash visual effect as well??


            • Play around with it and find out...

              You can always use additional code in "splash.qc" to detect what actually hit the water surface and depending on this, you can call sounds.

              A little like this (inside function Splash (vector spot)):
              pointparticles(particleeffectnum("watersplash"), spot, '0 0 0', 1);
              if ((self.classname == "wizspike") || (self.classname == "knightspike") || (self.classname == "monster_wizard"))
              precache_sound ("player/watersplash.wav");	
              sound (self, CHAN_VOICE, "player/watersplash.wav", 0.8, ATTN_NORM); 

              That will give you both:
              - visual splash
              - audio splash

              Have fun experimenting further.


              • Thanks Seven, the new code you just posted has been compiled and is what I was looking for!
                The main problem I still experience in manipulating code (qc or other) is when it has specific positions for effects..I still have some trouble wrapping my head around where things have to go sometimes, or what numbers I look at sometime Corresponding to the item I want.
                As an example, I'm working on adding your fog to all slipgates and do the sv_saveentfile and look at it to find where the coordinates are, but sometimes still don't know what numbers are the ones I want to manipulate or use.
                I'm learning, but still run into frustrations! Thank you for your assistance and patience Seven!!!


                • Hmmm,

                  I think it is time to write a tutorial of how to add custom effects into maps with specific locations (just like the slipgate fog you mentioned).
                  Now that several people asked for it like MaxxAmmo, dafx and yourself.
                  But there is not enough time at the moment.

                  You dont have to worry about QC for these particle effects. It is not needed.
                  The functions are already in smc.

                  A very rough Gothrough:
                  First thing you need to know is the position in the map (XYZ) where you want to add it.
                  Look into the weather tutorial to know how to find the position (r_editlights 1).
                  Then give the effect a unique name and save these 2 informations into the maps .ent file (like it is done in the available samples in smc). Use the "seven_think" line/function for it.
                  Now all you need to do is to declare the effect via the map specific effectinfo.txt file.
                  Give the effect the unique effect name that you also used in the .ent file of course.
                  You can copy/paste the slipgate fog effect from start_effectinfo.txt into your new map_specific effectinfo.txt file.

                  Most important thing to edit to match the new map situation are the keywords:
                  - originoffset (you can finetune the spawning coordinate with this one)
                  - originjitter (you need to adjust the size of the space where the efect shall be here)
                  For more details about effectinfo syntax read the dpwiki

                  Have fun,


                  • Seven,
                    Since it will be a while before a thorough tutorial can be made due to your work on the SMC can I make a respectful request that the tutorial be a video tutorial please?! I think that would help so many of us to better understand your words in these tutorials. I realize it is labor intensive to do such a thing but it might prevent so many future questions and save you time in instruction overall?? I know when I use the r_editlights 1 function I cannot come up with the same coordinates for offset origin that you do you do in the effectinfo for start slipgate 1 bottom. If I was shown how to do this and I could follow it with my eyes on a video this would help 100%.

                    ...just a thought....


                    • The coordinates are easy to find using the editor.
                      The hard part is imagining where you want your new effect box to go inside this 3rd dimensional space you are creating another so it's like thinking in 3d cubed root.
                      I found it easier to interpolate in both directions in my head and add to what the editor was showing me,adding it to the ent file and then going in and looking at the changes it made.It is hard to descibe how to target the coordinates in 9 dimensions but if you try my hacktactics you will understand visually very quickly.
                      Good luck
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                      • UPDATE 20120130

                        New version V3.7 Release

                        New Features:
                        - Added Multiskin/Multimodel support for monsters (You can now use up to 3 different skins per monster at the same time). 'Starter Kit' with all necessary files, that fully supports it is included for your convenience. Read the readme for details.
                        - Added a cvar to disable the *bleeding* of shootable buttons and secret walls/doors when they are shot.
                        - Added weapon muzzleflash for Grunt monster. Adjustable via cvar for different models.
                        - Added cvar to enable/disable monster interaction with lava / slime. Monsters (dead or living) can now *burn*/*sizzle*. Optionally they can take damage from lava/slime as well.
                        - Added 2 "new" (previously hidden) Hellknight magic attack animations and a new charging effect.
                        - Added new shambler magic attack animation (adjustable via cvar according to used monster model)
                        - Added custom particle effect when lightning gun beam hits walls/meshes
                        - Totally reworked amazing particle effects by Jakub (!):
                        -- all standard Quake effects
                        -- all existing "small mod compilation" effects
                        -- even added new custom effects (read included readme for details)

                        Updated features:
                        - Cruzified zombies use a cvar now (to change "shootable" behaviour)
                        - Wizards create a splash when falling into liquids
                        - changed flamestyle cvar default setting to "2"

                        A special Thanks to Jakub for his wonderful particle effects.

                        As always, please read the included readme´s (at least the main one) !
                        There is a new subfolder inside the .zip file concerning the Multiskin/Multimodel feature.

                        I hope you have some fun when using V3.7.
                        It was a pleasure to work on it again.

                        Best wishes,


                        • Thanks Seven!
                          Thanks Jakub!

                          Best Wishes

                          -edit- Sweet Gods of Quake this is Awesome!! This all looks so good and brings new life to Quake yet again. The effectinfo is so much easier to understand and makes it easyto find variables if you want to change them ..... thanks!!!!
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                          • Hi Seven

                            The multimodel/multiskin works realy nice. Special thanks must be given for the new particle effects.

                            The new Quad damage looks fantastic!!!

                            As allways a big THX


                            • loving all of the redone particle effects, they look totally amazing
                              especially the rocket-launcher firing and explosion look so much more awesome now
                              and all the redone effects for all pick-ups looks totally sweet and amazing too

                              thanx tons jakub for redoing all these effects ad making them even more awesome

                              the new shambler effect and hellknight attacks and grunt muzzle-flash are all totally awesomes too,
                              small things but they add lot more awesomeness to all the monsters

                              and it kicks ass too that monsters now get affected too by slime/lava
                              now the whole part with gyro is truely awesome, and it makes for a new fun sport:
                              trying to blast enemies into slime/lava and watch them burn and die

                              and the effect when you hit walls/floors and such with the lightning-gun are totally awesomes too, another small effect which makes the weapon so much more awesome

                              the multi-skin support is neat too, its neat that enemies can have different skins now,
                              so you dont get the 'attack of the clones' idea so much anymore

                              although i dont like all of the skins in the sample, but its perfect to see how to make a pack,
                              and ill surely go and gather some nice-looking skins to use with multi-skin support soon

                              all in all, thanx so much seven and jakub for this huge update, it adds so much more awesomeness to quake

                              you've really outdone yourself this time seven
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                              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                              • Hi

                                this is really a major thing to have multiple skins and models...the effects are
                                even better than i was expecting...well done.

                                so many things in one update, im like a kid in a candy store.


                                one question...say i want to apply multiple skins for monster md3s, what do i call them?