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  • @ghostbreed
    you're welcome

    only found out a few days ago that that level text thingy is part of nahuels hud code myself, lol
    and i totally love it myself. as well as the compass which can be quite usefull too at moments. always been using it since i found out about it.

    so ill gladly helped point you all to the add-on

    and erm, thanx for saying im one of the best on the forums, im just myself
    dont forget OoPpEe and webangel as well, they've made some of the most amazing stuff as well for quake

    just like to help myself and i luckily have the ability to quickly see how things work,
    and thus also what could be wrong if it doesnt work.

    and ive browsed litterally all over the forums myself for days to find the best of the best stuff for quake, and ill gladly help others to point to those things cuz its an insane lot of work to find them all.
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    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


    • Yeah I know OoPpEe, webangel and others are very helpful as well but in recent times you and seven have helped me the most
      Souvenirs d'un autre monde


      • awesomeness

        looks a million times better in game but still. awesome
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        • UPDATE 20120226

          New version V3.75 Release

          New Features:
          - Added particle flies around corpses, gibs and zombies (fully adjustable)
          - Added additional cheats (for all powerups)
          - Added Lava splash particle effect + sound
          - Added ambience sound for lava (in start.ent map. All ID1 maps will follow)

          Updated features:
          - extended watersplash particle effect (with ripple effect)
          - fixed cvar "watersplash" (it only affected shotgun weapons)
          - zombies no longer take damage from lava + slime
          - fixed cvar "monsterlavaslime" (it did not affect corpses behaviour)
          - Updated the 'Starter Kit' (for Multiskin/Multimodel support)

          Please find updated link in 1st post.

          This will be the last version.
          Next thing to do is to update the Mission Pack 1+2 versions to V3.75 too.

          I hope you have fun with it...

          Kind regards,


          • great job once more seven

            personally dont mind at all that black flies are less visible,
            quite the opposite actually. think it adds more realism, since in rl you wouldnt see flies on a corpse as well unless you look more closely at the corpse.
            so imo the flies are perfect like they are when they are black

            but what would really make it complete is what i already suggested to you another time, adding a random buzz sound to it, a simple sound generator which infinitely loops some 15sec long sound which is just silence and one buzz halfway, which sounds like as if some fly just zoomed past your ear fast.
            that would really make the flies even more awesome

            and the lava-splashes are kick-ass too, love em
            only thing as i already suggested before too, perhaps make the grenade&rocket create a more splash with lava-drops flying all directions, like have it have the splash it has now plush a red/orange-ish version of the watersplash added
            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


            • Great work as always Seven!!!!!

              Hey guys,
              On e1m1 when I'm in the acid and shoot the shotguns while submerged the ripple effect happens. What needs to be changed here? Is it the originoffset like with water or...?



              • thanks seven


                • Hello splitterface,

                  I added 2 different flies colors.
                  You can switch between "black" and "light brown" via the cvars.
                  So everybody should be satisfied (hopefully).

                  Your suggestion with the grenade/rockets got lost. Sorry.
                  But due to the fact that lava pools in Quake are normaly only 10 cm deep (!), you would not see the splash effect of the rocket, because of the explosion itself. It would easily override the lava splash.
                  The grenade is different, yes.
                  You have to add a check into the splash code:
                  If the model-class is the "grenade", call a different particle effect (which is bigger).

                  The flies "buzzing sound" cannot be done easily. It needs a seperate time-function.
                  The gibs already have several time-checks, so I left it out on purpose.

                  Hello gdiddy,

                  too bad you didnt mention it before... now it is too late.
                  You can of course correct this by yourself with ease.
                  All you need to do is:
                  1.) open weapons.qc
                  2.) Replace the line #383
                  if ( pointcontents(shot_src) == CONTENT_WATER )
                  with this:
                  if (( pointcontents(shot_src) == CONTENT_WATER )||( pointcontents(shot_src) == CONTENT_SLIME )||( pointcontents(shot_src) == CONTENT_LAVA))
                  3.) compile it.

                  Have fun


                  • Sorry Seven, but I didn't notice it until now.

                    I'll make a habit of using my weapons in all the various places and doing better troubleshooting in the future...

                    edit:just recompiled and is good now! Thanks Seven..sorry again I missed it...


                    • dont know if i missed something in my reading but it seems that ive lost the blood effect when kicking gibs with the new update. any ideas?


                      • How would one go about combining this with other mods, if even possible?

                        I love this little compilation and it adds great atmoshpere and surprise elements to Quake, it really gives a whole new feel of tension.

                        However it would be even MORE awesome if I could get this working with Conquest (hands down my fav mod) however it flat out wont work with it, I dropped my autoexec and the .pk3 into my conquest mod folder and nothing at all.

                        Figured well yeah, conquest did make a lot of changes to enemies so that could be the problem, so I went with something a bit simpler which was KQP (killer quake pack) I figured that would work since its just a weapons mod. And would really go great because lets face it, if you've played KQP you know its completely overpowered in single player.

                        When I did the same thing as conquest, it completely broke KQP and it was as if I was playing ordinary quake with this compilation together. Im assuming its something in the progs.dat causing the problems, im no good with quake c. Would it be possible to combine this with other mods? Not asking you to do it, just if it would be possible with a bit of slicing and dicing.


                        • You'd have to mod it into Conquest.
                          Get the source code for the mod - take Seven's code changes and apply them.
                          In otherwords A LOT of work.


                          • Originally posted by kreaper View Post
                            dont know if i missed something in my reading but it seems that ive lost the blood effect when kicking gibs with the new update. any ideas?


                            I am awfully sorry for the inconvenience
                            It seems to be: New features = New bugs

                            The good thing: I already found the root cause for it and fixed it:
                            - typo inside "kickgibs.qc"
                            - missing line in effectinfo.txt

                            This time we had 3 beta testers and we did not notice it
                            I concentrated so hard on the flies, that I didnt 'move' the gibs, hehe.

                            So there must be an update with the fixes for:
                            1.) shotgun shoot behaviour inside slime/lava
                            2.) missing blood trail for gibs

                            I will also add the suggestion from splitterface:
                            3.) Bigger lava splash for grenades/rockets

                            I will upload V3.76 as soon as possible.

                            Now we reached a status of "small mod compilation" that gets really complicated.
                            New features are more and more difficult to implement.
                            Especially corpses and gibs related...
                            The code gets more and more complicated (at least for me).

                            But at least it should be bugfree.
                            That is why a V3.76 will come and with it, the end of the corpse + gibs changes.

                            New things will of course keep on coming (but mission packs update first).
                            Thank you for your understanding.

                            Best wishes,


                            • glad to help, also glad that it was an actual bug and not just me doing something wrong (like it usually is lol). i hereby wave my usual beta tester fee of 500k since i appreciate and truly love all your hard work so much


                              • UPDATE 20120227

                                New version V3.76 Release (mainly a bugfix version of V3.75)

                                New Feature:
                                - Added extra Lava splash and Water splash for grenades and rockets

                                Updated features:
                                - fixed gib blood trail bug (introduced in V3.75)
                                - fixed shotgun shooting effect inside slime and lava (introduced in V3.75)

                                Updated Download Link in 1st post.

                                Sorry again for the 2 bugs in V3.75.
                                They are fixed now. Please update to V3.76.

                                Thank you gdiddy and kreaper for your bug reports !
                                And thanks splitterface for the idea with the grenade splash.
                                It really looks very good to have a big splash.
                                Please try it (E3M6 near the end rune is a perfect place to play around).

                                Warm regards,