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  • Hey guys I am looking for a way to apply a skin to the player model in Mark V? Is that possible. What is the most recent updated player model? Are you guys on discord?


    • Version 1.10/Rev. #18 has been released. While no new models have been added, I finally updated all included progs.dat files and made them the way I wanted them to be since a while:

      1) Now all weapons have their projectile trajectories fixed when looking up/down, not just the nailguns (the Super Nailgun had only been partially fixed before, anyway). Lightning gun still isn't perfect especially with extreme angles, but at least a bit better. If anybody knows how to fix it for good, please tell me.

      2) Ooppee's code tweaks were removed from DoE, restoring the original Plasmagun behavior.

      3) The needless DoE elevator fix for R1M7 (which was only meant for Darkplaces) has also been removed.

      On Github you can now also find the QuakeC source files for all included progs.dat files, as it should have been since the beginning. Seven can relax now!
      Authentic Model Improvements for Quake. Contribute to NightFright2k19/authmdl development by creating an account on GitHub.
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      • Version 1.11/Rev. #19 has been released. I have discovered that Chillo released two new models earlier this year which are so good they cannot be ignored. I also refined the progs.dat fixes further. Now they are based on Maddes' URQP code which fixes a lot of smaller and bigger annoyances in vanilla Quake like the fish count bug, the Megahealth rot bug or door sound bug, just to name a few. Even includes Frikbot X++ support for ID1!

        Changelog Rev. #19
        > Update: [ALL] Progs.dat refresh #2 (ID1 based on URQP 1.06a QuakeC fixes; HIP/ROG partially fixed), including FrikBot X++ support for ID1
        > Update: [ID1] Death Knight (+ head gibs) by Chillo
        > Update: [ID1] Fiend by Chillo (replaces Bloodshot's version)

        Download from Github repository (6.5 MB)
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        • nice to see further work on this. but have to ask, where did you find out about the new hellknight from chillo? its not on his recent twitter feed and thats the only place ive seen his stuff... hes been very voxelly of late so i'd give up on futher quake mdl's from him... but following his work nonetheless... its good stuff...

          I personally prefer the original other chillo hellknight over the new one and I definately prefer lunarun's knight over the chillo one but opinions always differ eh?
          I feel the new chillo ones differ from the source material WAY too much for me especially the walk anim on chillo's regular knight, (wtf is going on with those head angles, looks kinda awkward)

          I know I've said this time and again but I do wish there was a new oldone model... shubbies looking rather tired against all this stuff...

          also just an fyi I re-did the ogre again to have the (original) bigger teeth in again but kept the angrier eybrows I did. (Ive attached a link to this post.)
          I did it after looking at the ogres again during a recent playthrough of arcane dimensions (just got a machine that plays this without lag! LOL)
          after looking at the chillo ogre against the ones in AD, felt i'd gone too far on this 'un... I think I was obsessing over nostalgia too far and compromising the quality of the art itself... easy done... but easily fixed too...

          MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.
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          • I might consider reverting back to Lunaran's knight in the next release since it's indeed very faithful to the original model and even still uses the original skin. In DoE I am still using his model since it has the statue skin, so it would also be consistent to go back to it in ID1.

            The new Fiend is definitely better animated than the one from Bloodshot and the skin deviations are tolerable.

            Regarding the new Death Knight I am a bit divided. It looks really cool, but Chillo's first version was indeed a bit more faithful. I'll probably end up reverting it after all.

            @ osjclatchford
            Your reskinned ogre is approved and will make it into the next release. I just had to rearrange the skins internally since otherwise skin1 wouldn't be used for the multi-grenade ogre in DoE. It's amazing how the model gets closer to the original without touching the mdl mesh.

            I still want to get rid of the boobs on the Vore. Removing the horns was only half of the necessary edits. Also I'd like to see the gremlin from SoA and wizard from DoE remade.
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            • thanks NF!
              glad I shared the v3 ogre skin now! if others can enjoy it it makes any work done even more worthwhile!

              I will probably give the vore skin a second go soon so I'll keep you posted how it goes. I thought there was another shalrath doing the rounds at one point? I know skiffy abandoned one that looked phenomenal (a crying shame) but didnt chillo have another one on the go to replace the titty one? or did i just imagine that?

              must ask again though, where are you finding out about chillo's new stuff? where is he posting it? i'd not seen his knew hellknight till I dl'ed this pak and ive been following his twitter feed for a while now (not actually on twitter but follow feeds for new info)


              • Chillo posted the Death Knight and Fiend around April already. All of his contributions are uploaded over at the Quaketastic file repo (link below). I also upload the model pack there. Just search for anything starting with "chillo" and look for the latest uploads. I am checking it for updates occasionally. I was trying to contact Chillo directly about the edits I wanted, but he never replies, unfortunately.

                I dunno if there is any other Vore model out there and I wasn't aware skiffy was working on one. I doubt that a mere reskin of the mdl in the pack will do the trick since the titties are in the mesh. You would probably have to reshape that.

                On Monday I intend to upload another version with the rollback to Lunaran's Knight and Chillo's old Death Knight plus the latest Ogre reskin. One thing btw: I am using Quark to edit models and found it's shrinking the mdls considerably when editing skins. The ogre went from 2 MB to merely 0.6 MB after saving. Checking ingame, I couldn't find anything wrong with it, so I guess it's ok. Maybe it's compressing skins differently or something?
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                OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


                • yeah, I suppose any vore skin change would simply make it look better from a distance (which is how I prefer to deal with shalraths's) so the only likeley time you'll really notice the 3d breasticles is when using the ring of shadows to lurk around or going crazy with the ssg up close with a quad or pent powerup or something. in truth it needs a modeller to fix it but im afraid thats not my department. with this in mind it would not qualify for the pack as its not really good enough if its not 100% but i'll post it nonetheless for people after alternatives.

                  my editing methods are probably kinda quaint/eccentric compared to most out there:
                  I use qme to open the models and extract the skins as bmp.
                  I then do my edits in mspaint (win7 edition) and save them as png. (this step is to prevent pallette raping that occurs if saving as palleted bmp in mspaint)
                  then I use gimp to open the original bmp, paste the graphics from the altered png over the top and extract it as a pcx. (this step is to also prevent pallette raping that would occur when then importing in qme)
                  then opening the mdl in qme again I simply import the pcx as the new skin.

                  a lot of crazy ass steps there but this was the only way I could comfortably edit the skins and save them to the model without loosing the colours of the pallette in an annoying fashion.

                  ameture? yes.
                  the wrong way to do it? probably
                  gets results nonetheless? absolutely.

                  this is how Ive always done it since back in the day. Noone ever helped or taught me any of this stuff. even when i asked for help when I first started. I found the world of editing and modding to be a real ball-busting elitist pile of crap, with noone preparing to share their methods or skills, perhaps in some kind of pathetic fear of someone stealing their thunder or usurping thier power? I dunno. not evryone was like that, espescially not on this forum but its a real bugbear of mine. this whole, assumed-level-of-knowledge thing thats like "oh you dont know how to do that?, well fuck you then... you're not one of us" that was not only unfairly judging those interested in learning new things but kinda stupid, as it prevents new blood entering the hobby and adding new and amazing content that evryone can share.

                  anyway, I digress, off the soapbox now.

                  in fact the exception to how i used to do things as to how i do things now is that I used to use photoshop, not gimp on an older machine as someone gave me said machine with it already on it, plus I used to use xp's paint, which I still do occasionally and an old photo-editing software called "professor franklin" as that had some handy instant post-prccessing looking effects on it...
                  essentially, my janky-ass method has not changed since when i was working on all my stuff over the years. (only skipping the pcx import stage,when i was working on highres stuff for dp engine, which i no longer do)

                  why mention all this? wel just to get you to understand my limitations.
                  I'm really a sprite and texture artist.
                  I can work on 2d stuff all day long but 3d models are just the thing i occasionally stick them on...
                  Ive no idea how they work and and no real interest in learning it. its just not where my interest or skillset is.
                  so when i work on a skin its drawn and viewed all flattened out and only viewed on the model when imported onto it in qme. then i look at it see the errors and open the skin back up again and try to figure out what needs changing. before importing it again to see if its worked, hell before i had qme I only used to view it in game! loading and closing it many times till I got it right...
                  Ive no idea how to use the software to find out what part of the skin corresponds to which vectors of the model, or if you can edit the skin and view it on the model simultaneously, as ive heard other people mention they do. which would obviously make it much easier...

                  so yeah. just a an obbsessive fan with very little knowledge of what he's doing but fuelled with the will and creative desire to get the art how I want it at any cost...

                  so returning to the question of the filesave -size thing,
                  I'd say it's likeley to do with better compression ratios from quark vs qme when compiling the pcx skin. (is quark newer than qme? ive never used or heard of it. if so its probably this is the case)
                  perhaps qme is keeping all the unneeded info/data that could be a result of using gimp to export to such format, wheras quark is "trimming the fat" so to speak?
                  I dunno. its all rainbows and shiny diamonds to me. I'm just happy if the end product is ok...

                  this was skiffies vore:
                  circa 2016 so I figued thats dead...

                  *2nd (more important) edit*
                  Oh yeah, please take this into consideration before updating on monday:
                  the final(?) version of the ogre skin.
                  Ive added some of the missing forehead bloodsplatter and the needed drooly/slimy/grime to the chin area. I now think its about as close to the original without compromising any further now... it looks better on the death frame (fall on back) around the area that gets waped around the neck. the warping looks less obvous somehow... perhaps its the darker chin that makes the transition smoother?
                  anyway, the file:
                  fyi, yes this download link is the same as above, I've its a new file...
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                  • The most complex thing I did with models besides skin edits was to change pivots of some ammo boxes for this pack. Anyway, I guess it's not a problem if the software shrinks the mdl size. I still haven't fully figured out why your ogre didn't properly work with the multi-grenade skin in DoE. Skins were named properly, but there was a third and it seems the game didn't like that. That's why you should always playtest this stuff before release, I guess.
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                    • what it was, Is that when i imported the new skin, instead of overwriting the skin0 it simply added "new skin" to the list at the top. I negated to observe this in my eagerness to look at it in game. the ammended file (post above) has three skins, skin0 (the new one) skin1 (the roe one) and "other skin" the different chin and no blood as before. but the new order of the skins should mean it works ok. (the headgib is unchanged)

                      also i should note that i dont have doe so cant test that...

                      heres that alternative skin for the chillo vore!
                      the pic above shows how it looks. ok enough from some angles but not 100%, so as I say, Ive not any illusions about it making it intothe pack but its here if anyone wants it...
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                      • I will review the new ogre file again then just to make sure it's ok in DoE. I doubt it will get any better than that now.

                        The new Vore skin seems to improve the general look quite a bit. Since there's no skin variation for that one in any mission pack, it's enough if it looks fine in id1.
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                        • yeah the latest ogre skin ive done (four posts back) will no doubt be the last tweaks I do to that one. I'm real happy with it now.
                          the vore is not really all that to be honest and looks odd when the shalrath moves about. the model is designed and animated to look a bit jiggly around the chest so its actually better with the overtly female skin... with model tweaks the alterations Ive made to the skin would be just fine, but for now thats one I'm just keeping on file for a later date. I myself am using the one thats currently in the pack. yeah its a deviation but so the chton so meh, why not... a bit of artistic licence is not always a bad thing. some may find this a dealbreaker for the specification of "authentic" so I just let people pick and choose what they want in there...


                          • I have just tested the new ogre and vore skins ingame and have to compliment you, osj. Both are clear improvements over their previous iterations. The ogre is now EVEN closer to the original with what seems to be a rather minor edit. It also works out-of-the-box in DoE now, even though testing is a bit tricky since apparently the game is replacing ogres with multi-grenade versions randomly.

                            The vore is a completely different matter. Your new skin makes the titties almost completely vanish until you look at the model very closely from the side, which rarely happens in the heat of combat. It's probably as close as we can get without a real edit of the mdl mesh. Maybe there might be some issues with animation, but I doubt you will notice them and the entire appearance is just more faithful.

                            (I will still keep trying to reach Chillo, he cannot ignore me forever. Ironically he apparently was working on a male version in 2018 since he tweeted a gif back then, but he never released the model. Sadly he is almost my only hope since there are not that many active Quake modelling artists out there these days. If you know someone that could do it, be my guest!)

                            Both changes will definitely be in the new version on Monday. Thanks again for doing this!

                            (Also I will include recompressed versions of Chthon and Death Knight models since resaving those mdls in QuArK saves more than 70% file size, which is impressive.)
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                            • thanks NF!
                              the ogre is quite a labour of love from both chillo and myself if its not too boastfull to say so. for me the work i did was really something thats just kept coming from endless trial and error.
                              the first and most obvious change needed was the crude grey Q being swapped out for the classic 'leather pressing' version from the original art.
                              I knew there was something about the face that bothered me. first it was the eyebrows, had to lower them to get that classic scowl.
                              then it was the mouth. at first i thought it was the big teeth making him look derp but since messing with them and putting the original mouth back I now realise it was the 'clean' chin. the original is covered in drooly slimy gore and grime. restoring this but with the big-ass teeth was what was needed.
                              then the extra (but subtle, to match chillo's style) blood smatterings to his face sealed the deal.
                              its funny really. I'd do a bit of work, think it was done, and then months later on a playthrough decided something was still bothering me and its back out with qme and mspaint again! LOL

                              dont get me wrong. I can see where chillo was going with the face here. he's done lots of nice work creating muscletone and lovely shading all round the face and didnt want to cover it up with blood splatters. in truth i didnt either which is why I've kept the subtle blood style he has on the arms and chest otherwise it would not make sense as far as visual continuity is concerned. however, the lack of blood on the chin makes his big-old teeth look real derpy and kinda cartoony. also I see his intention with raising the eybrows some. show off the eyes and make more of a feature, to give more life. unfortunately I feel in this does the opposite on this occasion.
                              quake is about atmosphere and the ogres are the most common badguy in there. although they become little more than fodder for your nails grenades as time in the game goes on they should still look mean and scary. your going to be seeing a lot of them is what I'm saying the original, although an atrocious cube headed model (I've long expected to be thus due to it being the first modtel they designed, as such the least developed, polygonaly but also due to its frequency of appearance, requireing a smaller polycount to keep the fps up on old 486's!) reminded me of leatherface from texaschainsawmassacre, I think that was id's intent too, thats why I reimplemented this facial design choice from the original, get more horror and fear and less dopeyness vibes from him...
                              anyway thats just how my creative process went on that. I love chillos model and it (and its skin) fits in so well with the other stuff in this pack. for the life of me I cant work out why he decided to abandon this one for the elfin-eared griphook lookalike one he went for in the end...

                              my vore skin is still a no-no for me due to my aforemntioned complaints but I'm glad you can see where I'm going with it and are prepared to use it.
                              I'm tempted to investigate basic mdl editing and see If I can figure out if theres anything I can do in qme or whatever to sort it out... wouldnt expect that anytime soon though. not too hopefull that thats going to be an easy task in the least... wish me kuck!
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                              • well, you can forget that. been fucking about for about an hour warping and reshaping the model in qme. took ages tring to get it right. i just about got it looking how I wanted it. it was a 3d nightmare to work with. Im too used to working 2d so this was just a logistical headache. I saved it a nd loaded it. what a bastard. it was a disaster. turns out that the hours work was only ONE FUCKING FRAME!!!!! to hell with this!
                                It's clearly not how it's supposed to be done and i've not the patience for such absurdity. its like the code system. when i found out that prog.dat files cant be edited or altered. WTF man!? im too used to zdoom's decorate code. and I thought that was hard to figure out. this makes that seem as simple as rolling a dice...

                                nope Im out. too fucking crazy for me.

                                its all dark magic and maths. not my bag baby...