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  • Vanilla Deathmatch - Grr...

    Hi everyone!

    For the past few days, my friend and I have been attempting to play an internet game using:

    Vanilla Quake

    Unfortunately, we run into problems with each option. With Vanilla Quake, client receives a message that reads "No Response" after the connection fails to be established to the host. We swapped roles and the same problem occured. Both of us are running a firewall and we both have port 26000 opened.

    With QuakeWorld, my server can be set up, but I cannot join it myself. Obviously, this defeats the object of playing against each other. When ever I try to connect, I receive the message "net_getpacket: unknwon error". Exactly the same happens when my friend hosts a game.

    When we finally tried ProQuake, it gave us exactly the same error message as QuakeWorld - "Trying... Still Trying... NO RESPONSE". So we are screwed. One thing I did notice however, was how ProQuake gives me only my local IP address instead of my real one - perhaps it somehow assumes we are attempting a network game.

    I would rather not use source ports. What I am after is a classic Quake deathmatch experience with one of the three aforemtnioned options. Is this at all possible?

    Thanks in advance for any heklful replies.

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    So you did setup the server on your computer locally?
    It's very easy using Fuhquake (or ezquake) (QW):

    Just create a new multiplayer game. Taadaa! There is your server and you are already in the game
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      Ah, now that's something I have not tried. I vaguely recall having a very enjoyable experience online using FuhQuake a while ago, and I thought how awesome it would be to have that applied to QuakeWorld - I understand FuhQuake is modelled on the QW code.

      Would there be any way to set up the server locally using QuakeWorld? I have both the client and server packages, if that helps. Just if possible, I would like to stay away from ports such as FuhQuake, handy as they are. I want to play like I am in 96/97.

      Thanks a lot for your quick reply.


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        Fuhquake has a built-in server. And you can configure it to look like vanilla Quake. Just use the software port and/or set the particles to faithful.

        Fuhquake = a QuakeWorld client/server

        QuakeWorld and Netquake are just the protocol names.
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          Thanks again, Spirit. I am quite pleased with the software version of FuhQuake, although there is one niggling problem - how do I centre my status bar?