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  • UPDATE 20130706

    All versions are updated to V4.31 now.
    Please find updated links in 1st post.

    Now we have a solid and uniform base in all packs.
    I personally am especially happy about mission pack 2 (Rogue) condition.
    The ambience of this addon fits really great to some of the "small mod compilation" features.

    Maybe some of you want to replay Rogue with Ver. 4.31...
    I will do it for sure

    We are starting to renovate several rooms in my home now, so time will not be on my side. But I have several new ideas for the SMC already.

    Enjoy the summer !


    • been eagerly waiting for when you'd update ROGUE smc to 4.31 too,
      its my fave of the official quake releases and indeed been excited
      cuz some of the new stuff will be so awesome in ROGUE, like the afrit will fit sooooo extremely well into ROGUE


      also, ill of course make dropbox mirrors for ROGUE SMC 4.31 too

      EDIT: oh and of course for ID1 and HYPNOTIC SMC4.31 too!
      completely forgot about that cuz of the shit i had lately with my connection problems i had cuz my old router was dying
      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


      • btw you can also add these links to your first post, they are links to the folders where i maintain mirrors of SMC for you

        dropbox folder: SMC mirrors on dropbox

        mediafire folder: SMC mirrors on mediafire


        EDIT: update, uploads of all SMC4.31 pk3s to mediafire and dropbox are done
        Last edited by talisa; 07-06-2013, 12:37 PM.
        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


        • Great Seven,
          thank you for this. Cant wait to try Rogue with the new SMC4.31 features!


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            • Help installing SMC please

              Hello, I have dark places working but I cannot figure out how to get SMC working yet. It looks so awesome though.

              My problem is I dont know if I have to be running DPMOD or not.

              Also I don't know if I am supposed to just place the autoexec configs in your pack named as they are into the ID1 folder, or if I am supposed to rename them as well as the effectinfo txt? I have been playing around forever trying to get it to work and have never succeeded yet. If you could post me a little step by step i would so greatly appreciate it


              • Oh am using DarkPlaces engine Windows 64 OpenGL build 20130304


                • Hi ArDaMax,
                  no you dont need the DpMod.
                  You should read Sevens readmes. Everything is explained there.

                  Copy the Quake_V4.15_small-mod-compilation_Seven.pk3, and the autoexec.cfg and the effectinfo to your id1 folder. You have to rename the file.

                  If you want weather effects you have to copy and rename the files from the
                  "00 weather .ent files" folder into your "id1/maps"folder.

                  If you want great particle effects you have to copy the files from the
                  "00 custom particle+sound effects Updated 08-08-2012 folder into your "id1/maps"folder.

                  If you want the multiskin feature you have to copy the file
                  "Starter Kit - multiskin+multimodel ID1 monsters Seven V4.15.pk3" to your ID1 folder.

                  But as said everything is explained in Sevens readmes.
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                  • What webangel said, but with one small addition:
                    It is ONLY necessary to put the .pk3 file into your ID1 folder.
                    The "effectinfo.txt" and "autoexec.cfg" are not necessary.
                    Assuming that you do not use any other mods that have/use effectinfo file.

                    Original DP does not contain a replacement effectinfo.txt.
                    So the one inside the .pk3 is the only one available and will therefore be used.
                    Many people recommend to also copy this file because there are other mods that maybe use it.
                    That is fully correct.
                    But if you have a nice fresh and clean install of Quake and DP you basically only need 1 file: The .pk3 fle.

                    Regarding the sample autoexec.cfg:
                    It only contains the default values of the features. So these will be used by the SMC anyway.
                    Only if you want to modify the default values, you need an autoexec.cfg.
                    Then you should use the sample one as it has valueable informations about ALL features.
                    And you can easily change the corresponding feature by changing 1 single value.
                    That is when you need the autoexec.cfg in your ID1 (or mod) folder.

                    Have fun with the "small mod compilation"



                    • Huge thanks guys for your support for a newbie like me

                      I will try those things right now, let ya know how it works out, ill even take a screenshot of my ID1 folder's contents to show other pk3's in use so as to give all relevant information. I'm sure eventually we will get through this though.

                      Can't be any harder than it was to set up Berserker Quake 2 and the many doom 3 mods ive tinkered with in the past

                      can't wait to try this out, the spider and ifrit and hi-poly models... *Drooool* lol


                      ok , have yet to rename the 2 afformentioned files, getting right on that but here is my contents of ID1

                      edit edit:

                      and for extra measure, yea ill go ahead and try a fresh install of Darkplaces, if any of these added mods in the picture are known to cause issues with it
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                      • @ardamax
                        i can see right away from your screenshot what the problem is.
                        remove the progs.dat from your ID1 folder, it overrides the progs.dat from the SMC.
                        after you remove that file the SMC will work

                        also, i see you havent downloaded the SMC4.31. download that one too and drop the pk3 in your ID1 folder too and replace the autoexec and effectinfo with the ones from that version.

                        the new version includes some new fancy features which are really great! most importantly, the awesome afrit enemy
                        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                        • Woooo! Thanks so much got it working!

                          But i am curious, are hi-poly monster skins enabled by default?

                          also I am using Rygels Ultra High texture pack, but the start/intro where there should be a burning "Q" and light beams through the windows doesnt show really, am i using the wrong retexturing pack?

                          if there is a different pack that i should be using other than Rygels Ultra high pack , please let me know , again, thank you so much for this! cant wait to toy with the random spider spawns and ifrits in the Rogue mission pack


                          • Yay!
                            soooo excited now

                            edit: Downloading right now

                            edit edit:

                            also that burning "Q" in the start/intro , i mean its there, just not giving off real time light as it should

                            and the window off to the left, no light beam shining through yet, other than that, Purely sexy i thinks!

                            ill post a screenshot of what i'm looking at in a hot second!

                            Here we are:

                            also the smoke/steam sort of seems to be missing, i put the effect infos for the custom effects into the maps folder and all , Hmmmm. light beams not showing from windows and such,

                            like the lava should be steaming reddish orange steam/smoke above it thickly

                            and the center walkway should have it rising out visibly and noticably like in the sample screenshot that seven provided , hmm wondering..
                            Last edited by ArDaMaX; 07-12-2013, 05:34 AM.


                            • Everything working in 4.31 just fine! Spiders pwned me arse a couple times, good ol' random surprises haha!!!

                              except the uh steam/light beams custom effects like start/intro example mentioned

                              Also, high poly models seem to be working Woo almost there!

                              edit : Ok, i brainfarted, forgot about the set darkplaces build 1 cvar

                              Particles = fixed, now about that light beam ... hmmmm

                              lavaballs etc dont seem to light up the walls as they pass by, with real time lighting, as they should

                              Not sure why, as am i why the light doesnt make actual visible beams like in the example Hmmm

                              edit: well turns out Rygels pack is just poopy like that lol

                              oh what i have been missing hahah QRP pretty awesome
                              Last edited by ArDaMaX; 07-12-2013, 08:25 AM.


                              • If I may just say - Talisa you are my hero haha

                                Thank you for sorting out the discombulated mess i had going on with Rygels and turned me towards QRP, best decision ever lol

                                At last the wait is finally over and it is time to really get nuts with quake again

                                And of course, Thank you, Seven, for your amazing works as well in this! I'm sure I will enjoy what the future holds!