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  • Hello HDMaster,

    Once you start mixing different mods, the fun begins
    Especially when you are not 100% sure what you are doing it gets tricky...
    That is why you seem to have issues.

    The SMC includes for that reason preconfigured additional eyecandy optionally:
    - Multiskin/Multimodel Starter Kit
    - Custom particle+sound effects
    - Custom HUD and textures
    - Weather effects (rain, snow, fog, etc.)

    You ask, how can you disable the custom particle effects.
    Well, the answer is: It is not included / disabled by default.
    So you decided at one point to enable them.
    Just undo that step and you will be fine.

    Quickest way:
    Its this cvar:
    set cl_particles_custom_effects 0
    Or simply delete the start.ent file in your maps folder.
    That file holds all the effetcs.

    Be aware that the above mentioned cvar will not work with old SMC builds.
    Please do not mix SMC builds as you described in the other thread (with Tabuns model).
    The progs.dat is the heart and essence of the mod.

    Regarding the different enforcer types:
    It works out of the box with ONLY SMC.
    See this section of smc_config.cfg to adjust it to your liking:
    /////// New Monster types

    Most probably due to your own experiments with replacement multimodel/multiskin monsters,
    it might got broken.

    Tip: The different enforcers use different models in the SMC.
    Everythig is already packed into the single: Quake_V5.50_small-mod-compilation_Seven.pk3 file.

    And a special hint:
    Do NOT use autoexec.cfg to adjust your cvars.
    Its written inside the readme.txt
    You must use the smc_config.cfg file for that.
    Otherwise it will override your autoexec.cfg, as the smc_config.cfg is the last config file loaded during startup.
    I also wrote it especially inside the config file.

    The SMC is, simply put, only 1 single file:
    Most things are included and already set inside of it.
    You can adjust all things via smc_config.cfg beside that file.

    If you need more features/eye-candy, you can use the multimodel/multiskin Starter Kit and progress from there if you want.
    Or you can use the custom particles + sound effect addon optionally.
    And also be sure to check out the custom HUD for the SMC (highly recommended)

    All extra features have their own subfolder with detailed readme.txts
    Just start slowly... and do not enable everything at one time.
    And do not mix it with other mods to avoid issues, unless you are 100% sure what you are doing.

    Have fun playing around with the SMC

    Best wishes,


    • In my case, the world effect is in WORLD-ID1_WEATHER_EFFECTS-XOLVE.PK3

      I just need to extract start.ent and edit start_effectinfo.txt and problem is solved, but if is in the pk3, nothing work also if is edited (sorry for my english)

      I dont have added "Starter Kit - multiskin+multimodel ID1 Monsters Seven V5.50.pk3" to my mod, but every monsters (by mod) work, maybe i need this also?

      Sometime i need to delete the JPG texture from QRP, and clone molde1.mdl to model.mdl for it work correctly also...

      Yes i know, it a strange way to work with mod, but i do what i can

      Thank you for your time!


      • Originally posted by Seven View Post
        hi there, thanks for making this mod... due to the darkplaces engine plasma gun bug, i recently found a modded source code for rogue based on your nail fix and plasma gun fix. i modded it in 2 days to add customized values through autoexec.cfg cvars. and i had a blast.

        today i discover that:

        1) there is an updated darkplaces version (i was using 2014 build, it goes up to 2018 !)
        2) you made a more recent than 2010 modded source, and it can be configured with a separate cfg file.

        a new world opens to me

        (btw thanks for leaving a "dumb proof" easy to compile with included compiler and gui in your 2010 release, without it i couldn't had learnt how to set new cvars and edit qc.)


        • Hi Seven,
          just tried your latest smc. I have to say I love it.
          the film-effects looks great and the wetsuit is outstanding.

          Really nice


          • Thank you webangel.

            As far as I remember you took a break from Quake some time before the last update was released.
            If you have tome, please take a look into the Change history v5.60 .txt to see what was going on behind the scenes
            Its included in the download.

            Take care my friend,


            • Seven, thank you for making this mod! I am now using the updated version of this mod. I deleted it just to see what the torches look like normally in Darkplaces engine. Ouch!! Quickly reinstalled it, and now they look beautiful! I just wanted to ask... the flashlight is supposed to support cubemaps and classic mode. I would like to know how to switch it please? In the smc_config, there is NO cvar for the flashlight. The file says there is one, but it does not exist. I have studied the file and cannot find it. Would you please tell me how to switch the flashlight to classic mode? Cubemaps mode did not work my renderer.


              • Hello roundtree,

                Thank you

                You will find the cvars that you are looking for in the smc_config.cfg file since SMC v5.20.
                They look like this:
                [COLOR=#000000]////// Environmental and  Screen effects
                set flashlight_type 2                // Use flashlight feature with: 'impulse 30' (bind a key to it. See Readme.txt)   cvar values: choose between 2 different flashlight types ("1" regular and "2" cubemap style)
                set flashlight_radius 170            // adjust flashlights light radius for flashlight type 1 here
                set flashlight_cubemap_radius 700        // adjust flashlights light radius for flashlight type 2 here
                set flashlight_color_brightness_red 1.8        // adjust flashlights light intensity (color red)
                set flashlight_color_brightness_green 1.7    // adjust flashlights light intensity (color green)    
                set flashlight_color_brightness_blue 1.7    // adjust flashlights light intensity (color blue)    [/COLOR]

                Please make sure that you are using the newest version of this mod and also copy/paste the smc_config.cfg from the download folder.

                Have fun!

                Best wishes,


                • Hello Monty,

                  I just saw (by accident), that you replied to one of my youtube clips.
                  I used a different email (that I checked today) and now also seem to not be able to reply in youtube anymore...

                  So I thought to drop you a PM in this forum.
                  Unfortunately you disabled PMīs at
                  So now I write this offtopic post to somehow get in contact with you

                  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here (that seems the only way to "chat").
                  I get mail notifications when a person sends a PM in, which I check on a daily basis.

                  Have a great week my friend.

                  Best wishes,


                  • Hi Seven
                    Sorry to hear about your YouTube account, you have quite an impressive showcase of your works there.
                    Also, apologies, with all the recent spam/bot activity here I guess I must have inadvertantly locked down my profile a little too enthusiasticly Hopefully you can now PM me

                    Kind regards

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                    News: JCR's excellent ctsj_jcr map is being ported to OOT


                    • Seven: Thank you for getting back to me. You know what, I was wrong, that cvar was there the whole time. I was using my android text editor, Old School Editor (looks like WordPerfect), and I was unaware I had to click "Next" to get to the rest of the text file. Most editors I use on Windows and Linux don't have that hangup. My phone has 8 gb of ram, so it should work fine... BTW, I forgot to say the flashlight looks great! I had to turn down the brightness a little, but it works awesome. Thank you for making one of my dreams for Quake 1 come true! Quake 1 is still my favorite Quake. I like to play it on Linux with Darkplaces mostly, but love having on my phone with Quad Touch in case I get bored somewhere.


                      • hi seven. as much as i enjoy this mod i'd like to remove this. how can this be done?
                        EDIT: nevermind i removed the conflicts i had
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                        • Hello Seven,
                          are you think about release v5.6 for the missionpacks aswell?
                          I hope so...



                          • .. and what about the new missionpacks Dimension of the Past and Dimension of the Machine?


                            • So yeah, I haven't done anything Quake related in over 10 years, but I started playing a bit again. This mod has come a long way; good job Seven! I saw nobody has done an HD skin for the Warlord, and I liked the model so much I decided to do one myself. Not sure if anyone is interested. It was done by hand based on the second skin, which was easier to remake.

                              Old skin:


                              • Link not working!

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