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  • @Seven
    I've figured it out. It had nothing to do with (vector st) in fact function code does not return a vector.
    Problem was that zombie meat spawn above zombies shoulder unlike ogres grenade witch spawn in front of him. As a result it could fly above your shoulder if you were at certain distance from it. There is a code in original function that create variable which take care about this issue, but I've not used it before, since I've just copied code from ogre.

    I'll talk again about including it in your compilation:

    Problem is that engine does not support plugins, there is only one progs.dat, I can make an addon that will replace in memory your progs.dat during loading, but it wont be possible to use it simultaneously with any other modification/addon to your code.

    If you don't like it, it can be turned off by default and activated through cvar. Like I did with your death effects in QuakeHD compilation.

    Everyone aware of quake development history knew that Carmack forced the team to rush the hell out of this game after he managed to finally finish the engine. So I wouldn't be surprised if this aiming code was just a placeholder that stayed in because of rushed development. I consider it as much a bugfix as a modification and find it more fun to play that way.

    So please reconsider.
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    • Hello Dani,

      I could not simulate your problem.
      Please check, if you see all other features of the "small mod compilation" (like the 3 death animations, cause they were introduced latest).
      If you see them, possible reasons could be:
      - you use the unsupported "add_on" 3.0 from smith.
      - you use an effectinfo.txt in another .pk3 file ?

      @ smith

      You say vector st has nothing to do with the issue ?
      Then you should learn to read QC more carefully.
      Vector st is needed to declare the spawn point of the flesh-grenade.
      It is therefore specified in EVERY function call for "ZombieFireGrenade".
      Therefore the code NEEDS to calculate the vector towards the player´s center via this vector st (done in vector org).
      If you ignore it, the flesh-grenade will fly to far left and will miss the player.
      You must know, that vectors are often mathematicaly used and therefore "renamed" to continue work with them in the further code.
      Please try to understand a code, before your modify it.



      • Ok, my understanding of the code is limited and I've just tried to use org not thinking too much what it was, and since it solved the problem I didn't thought about it more. It was really late at this point. But it was good lesson for me, one shouldn't so authoritatively talk about things he knows little about

        Another lesson is that it should have stayed in work in progress sub forum until thoroughly tested.

        But the fact is when you was writing your reply, fixed and updated to v3.1 version was already posted in another thread. Everyone is free to point me any issues with it, or to offer help in that thread.

        Edit: You are probably quiet effective at scaring people away from this add-on, but ok partially asked for it myself through displaying how ignorant I am
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        Quake HD: Embrace the decline and have some guilty pleasure with it, or join a club for monocled gentlemen at quaddicted and play Quake the way it's meant to be played.


        • Since I've derailed this thread a bit and it hit new page, I want point out ( in case that anyone missed it ) that Seven released new SMC v3.1
          Quake HD: Embrace the decline and have some guilty pleasure with it, or join a club for monocled gentlemen at quaddicted and play Quake the way it's meant to be played.


          • Hello smith,

            Everything is alright. I dont scare people away from your add_on.
            I just wanted to show Dani possible conflicts. That is all.

            As I said, I encourage people to use the source to make their own pack.
            Just be carefuly when you release it, and listen to help that others want to give you.


            @ all
            There is one 15 year old bug concerning the zombie in Quake.
            I guess many many people already noticed it:

            The zombie has 3 attack animations:
            - atta1...13 (ripping flesh out of his stomack with right hand !)
            - attb1...14 (ripping flesh out of his butt with left hand !)
            - attc1...12 (ripping flesh out of his head with right hand !)

            BUT, the "flesh-grenade" is always spawned from his right side !

            It must be a typo by the devs in the call for function "ZombieFireGrenade" (= Y-value of vector st).
            The Y-value is negative, but must be positive for the second animation: attb1...14.

            To kill that bug use these values:
            ZombieFireGrenade('-10 7 30');
            instead of these originals:
            ZombieFireGrenade('-10 -24 29');
            Now the flesh-grenade is always spawned at the correct point/side.
            Attention: Dont use a higher Z-value than 30, or the flesh will fly too high.

            That is somehting, that must be implemented into the mod compilation.
            Damn it, I missed it for V3.1

            Kind regards,


            • Hi Seven,
              the Muzzleflash looks great for me but it have potential.

              Thank you very much for your effort!!!
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              • Yeah the muzzleflashes look good to me, i like them. All in all great work as always seven, thanks for your time and effort you make quake look so much better.


                • I got it fixed..
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                  • Works awesome seven, thank you so much for making these great improvements to enhance the visual quality of quake. My FPS is actually a little higher now vs 3.0, so nice work. =]
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                    • Thanks a lot for all your hard work, Seven.


                      • @ webangel,

                        The muzzleflashes code is more or less "experimental".
                        You find it in "weapons.qc". (just search for muzzleflash)
                        It surely has much room for improvement. It is the first step.

                        The only negative thing is of course its sensitivity to player movement.
                        It is not stuck to the weapons like the classic muzzleflashes are.
                        With my limited QC knowledge it was the best I could achieve.
                        I remember Cobalt, posting about this topic some days ago, saying, that he has good ideas...

                        Good thing is, that it is independent to your fov settings.
                        I see from your screenshots, that you play with crazy fov values (>120 or something).

                        The effectinfo.txt entries that I implemented are nice, but basic.
                        Nothing breathtaking, and much room for everybodys personal inspiration.
                        Fortunately, you can still disable it completely via cvar, if you dont like it.
                        I cannot thank divVerent enough for this extension function !


                        • Hi Seven:

                          I made a new tweak to the bubble code in Misc QC that you can put into your compilation if you like.

                          Inside3d Forums :: View topic - bubble_bob & bubble.spr

                          Works but for minor problem as indicated...maybe someone here knows answer and can post the fix? Seems to happen in all quake clients.


                          • explosion lag

                            I have this problem with explosion with SMC. When I receive “in the face” hit from grenade , or launch rocket on the wall next too me I get this ~0.5s lag ( sometimes more - up to 1s ) - very annoying. It was present in 3.0, and probably in 2.85 too ( If I remember it correctly ). If it's not “in the face” explosion there is no lag or less lag. There is no problem without SMC. I use ATI HD5850 card, windows 7 64bit. Anyone else has this issue, or is it just me ?

                            It was present with all DP builds I've tried ( auto, latest stable and beta from February ).

                            It happens just before explosion play, I get to see lightened wall in case of rocket on the wall shot, or grenade in the center of the screen during freeze.

                            Since no one complained about it yet I'm courius whether it was replicated by anyone, if you had the same issue, please share this info here.
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                            Quake HD: Embrace the decline and have some guilty pleasure with it, or join a club for monocled gentlemen at quaddicted and play Quake the way it's meant to be played.


                            • _Smith_ the issue is mentioned here in several threads, i tried to find them but had no success. Seven knows exactly what the issue causes and as far as i know there is no solution yet.


                              • Hello smith,

                                your described issue has been discussed, just like grave_digga said, several times already.

                                To help you here:
                                It is NOT related to my QC changes.
                                It is related to the TE_EXPLOSION effect in effectinfo.txt.

                                Find the solution here for example.

                                You have 2 options:
                                - Delete Jorix AMAZING explosion effect completely (not recommended)
                                - Reduce the amount of particles in this effect.

                                Your issue has a very simple reason:
                                The particles are too much in FULLSCREEN for your GPU.
                                Always remember: the explosion directly in front of players face is a FULLSCREEN effect. So your GPU has a lot to do, right ?

                                I tell you a secret:
                                A very talented person (not me of course) is already working on a seperate grenade-explosion effect.
                                Doable via QC modification:
                                Rocket explosion effect is no longer used for grenade explosion effect.

                                By the way:
                                There are many more things, that you still did not fully understand.
                                But that is not a problem. The problem is, that you shold not write about it.
                                Reading your "readme.txt" in your compilation reveals some mistakes.
                                Random example: offsetmapping
                                r_glsl_offsetmapping_scale does NOT introduce graphical glitches in 'Ruohis' weapon pickups.
                                The root cause are wrong offset textures made by Rygel.
                                They have alpha layer in it. That must not be !

                                Also read this thread to understand the "missing" offsetmapping feature in some DP builds.

                                I suggest (if you have time) to read through some threads in this forum.
                                Most answers to questions are available already. Use "search" if you want.

                                Kind regards,