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  • Seven
    Hello Condor-2-4-2,

    Looks good to me. Everything works as intended.
    Maybe you are expecting something different ? What exactly do you expect ?

    The dog that you see in your screenshot is as detailed and sharp as a Quake dog can be. It is capnbubs dog. You surely have already read the readme.txt so you knew it.
    If you expect a photorealistic model with an even more photorealistic texture like this one, then Quake is not for you.

    You will find more dog models & textures inside the 'Starter Kit'. Maybe you will like them more... give it a try.

    Have fun,

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  • Condor-2-4-2
    Dogskin in ID1 multiskin starter kit 5.30


    there seems to be a problem with the dogskin in the multiskin pack 5.30.
    I use "darkplacesenginewindowsonly20140513" with SMC 5.30 + SMC update 5.41 + SMC Multiskin 5.30.

    The hires skin for the ID1 dog are not shown. Only the painskin will be displayed, as shown in the pic bellow.

    I tried different settings in the smc conf file but the skin won't be loaded. Also I've tried different later darkplaces beta versions with the same result.

    Is there a way to activate the skin or is it a bug? Has anyone such a problem with the skins?

    Thanks for your reply,

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  • enderandrew
    As a brief update, my version of Rogue-SMC updated to 5.4 compiles cleanly, starts up and appears to work. Painskins are working, quick melee, flashlight, etc.

    However I'm having an intermittent crash when killing enemies sometimes. I'll spin off my efforts into my own thread.

    I need to hunt down the source of the crash and this is driving me nuts.

    ^7Host_Error: NULL function in server
    ^7QuakeC crash report for server:
    ^7s18066: ^3CALL2 ClientObituary (=ClientObituary())
    ^7s18067: ^1ADDRESS self (=entity 667), takedamage (=.takedamage), GLOBAL17467
    ^7s18068: ^1STOREP_F IMMEDIATE (=0), GLOBAL17467
    ^7s18069: ^1ADDRESS self (=entity 667), touch (=.touch), GLOBAL17467
    ^7s18070: ^1STOREP_FNC SUB_Null (=SUB_Null()), GLOBAL17467
    ^7s18071: ^3CALL0 monster_death_use (=monster_death_use())
    ^7s18072: ^6FIELD_FNC self (=entity 667), th_die (=.th_die), GLOBAL17467
    ^7s18073: ^3CALL0 GLOBAL17467
    ^7 combat.qc : Killed : statement 48
    ^7 combat.qc : T_Damage : statement 237
    ^7 combat.qc : T_RadiusDamage : statement 89
    ^7 reiver.qc : reiver_death_touch : statement 22 <---------- This line changes with each crash, but the rest seems to be consistent.
    ^7Client "player" dropped
    ^7Sending clc_disconnect
    ^7OpenGL Backend shutting down
    ====== Log stopped (Wed Feb 08 11:09:58 2017) ======
    Last edited by enderandrew; 02-08-2017, 11:32 AM.

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  • enderandrew
    I'm just about done with my initial version of Rogue-SMC-5.4. I don't know if Seven is reading this thread currently, but I'm hoping for a source release of SMC 5.5 to bump this all the way to being current with 5.5. features. If someone wants to help beta-test it for bugs of regressions, please let me know and I'll send you a copy.

    I had to move the quick melee attack to Impulse 24 (make sure you bind a key appropriately!) since in Rouge they added a few CTF keys:

    20 - Toss Backpack
    21 - Toss Weapon
    22 - Change Weapon
    23 - Team Flag Status Report

    One thing I'm a little unsure of is I see in the code for many of the monsters items like this:

    // precache_model ("progs/skull.mdl"); // precached in worldspawn() due to savegame-bug
    // precache_sound ("vengeance/hknightmag.wav"); // precached in worldspawn() due to savegame-bug

    But not all of the sounds or models have been moved to worldspawn(). I don't understand why certain ones were and others weren't.

    My initial release aims to be pretty much a copy of what I assume Seven would have done in bringing Rouge-SMC up to 5.4. One of the only true changes I've introduced is that lava nails have been added to the list of weapons that can light a monster on fire. That just seemed like common sense.

    Specifically, this line in each monster's code is changing from:

    if (((self.enemy.weapon == IT_GRENADE_LAUNCHER) || (self.enemy.weapon == IT_ROCKET_LAUNCHER)) && (zufa <= autocvar_burning_monsters_death_animation) && (self.watertype != CONTENT_WATER)) // when enemy was killed with explosives, set it on fire

    To this:

    if (((self.enemy.weapon == IT_GRENADE_LAUNCHER) || (self.enemy.weapon == IT_MULTI_GRENADE) || (self.enemy.weapon == IT_ROCKET_LAUNCHER) || (self.enemy.weapon == IT_MULTI_ROCKET) || (self.enemy.weapon == IT_LAVA_NAILGUN) || (self.enemy.weapon == IT_LAVA_SUPER_NAILGUN)) && (zufa <= autocvar_burning_monsters_death_animation) && (self.watertype != CONTENT_WATER)) // when enemy was killed with explosives or lava nails, set it on fire

    My next release will go a step further. The monsters added in SMC oddly enough don't get the same treatment as the original monsters. They don't all have support for color variations, size variations, the fancy death animations (ghost, vengeance, grimrock, etc), burning death animations, etc.

    I plan on adding all of these to each of the SMC monsters. Basically everything except multimodel/multiskin. Some of these do have a second skin that is already supported, but there aren't enough extra models and textures for these creatures to warrant that feature.

    I'm also adding multskin (second skin included), painskin, adjustable health, random color and random size support to the dragon. Some of that may seem overkill for the single boss fight, but it might put you on your toes if the dragon is a little tougher here and there.

    Once I'm satisfied with the Rogue-SMC release, I'll do the Hipnotic version as well.

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  • talisa
    you could always use tarbaby1.mdl and tarbaby2.mdl, and allow 2 skins for each

    again i repeat, the wrath already has multi-skin & multi-model

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  • enderandrew
    Sorry, I meant multi-model but I was posting as I ran out the door. I'd like to be able to still support a second model of tarbaby/spawn even with the hellspawn taking up skin spots on the first model.

    Likewise I want to add multi-model support for the eel and wrath.

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  • talisa
    the wrath does have multi-skin in rogue. i got 2 skins for the wrath myself.


    multi-model for eel would be kinda pointless, afaik the only skin available is the one from WebAngel

    also, skin1-5 are already reserved for the eel's 'electricity' effect when it zaps the player,
    which would explain why there's no multi-skin available for it.

    same reason why the spawn doesnt have multi-skin in rogue,
    as skin1 and skin2 are already reserved for the hellspawn.

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  • enderandrew
    It also looks like multiskin support is there for the sword, but not the eel or wrath. I'll try to fix that.

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  • talisa
    oh yeah, pain-skins are also really nice, those should definitely be high priority too imo to get those into mission-packs!

    and of course the blood improvements should be high priority too



    reiver i think would fit extremely well into rogue, as rogue is more dark horror themed.
    he would make a great optional replacement for the wraths as they both very similar enemies, flying skeletons which throw homing projectiles at the player

    and maybe a more powerfull and biger version which has all powers enabled and higher HP could make a great optional overlord replacement


    i also loooove the shalrath hanging-on-ceilings feature from SMC5.20, especially with the start-on-ceiling option enabled

    always makes for an unexpected scare, if you walk into a seemingly-empty room while you know there's supposed to be a monster there...
    and then suddenly boom spikeball to your face from above and you look up to find there's a shalrath hanging on the ceiling


    randomly-angled ammo & health pickups from SMC5.20 is a really great feature too,
    it makes the world of quake feel more real, to have pickups appear to be just dropped there instead of carefully placed.

    oh, and of course the option to have different armor pickups used in non-base maps!
    so that in non-base maps you can have Makke's medieval-looking armor appear instead

    and the hud effects when you have powerups active, like the big pent and quad flashing on-screen... those are great.
    and the rotating hud models for keys and powerups are really neat too.



    but those are all things that would be nice, and you wouldnt really feel like they are missing if they arent in the mission-packs.

    blood-effects, painskins, flashlight and quick-melee you do really miss though,
    those couple features should definitely have high priority.

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  • enderandrew
    Agreed that I really loved the flashlight and quick melee attack. Those were the two things that motivated me to start on this. At a glance, I think these things were missing from the current Rogue SMC pack that I'm adding by bringing it up to 5.4:

    New Monsters:
    * Carnivean
    * Reiver
    * Teneb
    * Torment
    * Yakman
    Quick melee
    Personal teleporter
    Mini-player HUD
    Mage weapon
    Weapon Position Right (for the original weapons, I don't think I can add this for the new weapons with the help of an artist)
    Player shirt color matches armor
    Shalraths on the ceiling
    Spiders on the ceiling
    Enforcer shields
    Demon jump motion blur
    Flying dust around the player
    Blood puddles
    Weapon specific crosshairs
    Animated crosshairs
    Distance crosshairs
    Lavagun animations
    Plasmagun animations
    Ghost psycho effect
    Ogre particle effects
    Teamonster's ogre model support added
    Player taunts (optional as always!)
    Gibbing improvements
    Eatable gibs
    Health/ammo boxes at random angles
    Powerup counter improvements
    Chainsaw particles
    Statues don't bleed
    Projectile improvements
    Checks to prevent spiders from spawning in the water
    CSQC HUD icons

    And probably more
    Last edited by enderandrew; 02-03-2017, 03:21 PM.

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  • talisa
    seven stopped updating the mission-pack versions of SMC at one point because there are barely any fan-made maps that require the mission-packs and 99% of maps use regular quake.

    and because of the fact updating mission-pack SMC too would mean doing the exact same work three times.
    which understandable isnt fun at all, to have to copy&paste the same pieces of code three times...
    and the SMC has beceome quite massive meaning it would be countless hours of work to keep the mission-packs updated too.


    though the only two things i feel are really missing most when playing the mission-packs
    are the flashlight that was added in v5.20 and the instant-melee-attack from v5.30

    i personally use both all the time, especially the flashlight is the just best thing ever.

    if we could just have those two features in the mission-packs id be happy.
    all the other things would be nice, but not really neccesary as much.
    Last edited by talisa; 01-28-2017, 02:00 PM.

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  • enderandrew
    I'm not sure if Seven has already brought Hipnotic-SMC and Rogue-SMC inline with SMC-5.5 features, but since the source is out there for SMC-5.4 I decided to give this a try myself.

    I used SMC 5.4 as a base, and then looked at how Rogue's source code differed from vanilla Quake, and then applied those changes to SMC 5.4.

    I've done my initial first pass, and now I'm to go through the 89 QuakeC files I'm staring at and start to compare them to the source for Rogue-SMC and see what I'm missing or may need to fix. In theory, the only differences should be those newer features added in more recent versions of SMC.

    I did notice a few things.

    I can't use impulse 20 for the quick melee attack, as it is already used in multiplayer code added in Rogue. impulse 24 looks free, so I'll put it there. Might I recommend perhaps moving it to 24 for all the SMC code for the sake of consistency?

    There are no models for autocvar_weapon_position_right support for the new weapons. I don't think I'd know how to create any.

    I'm also going to attempt to make multiskin/multimodel work with the tarbaby/spawn and hellspawn. Maybe I'm crazy and it simply won't work, but at a glance this looks like this should work.

    tarbaby SMC-5.4 -

    After I compare against the older Rogue-SMC code, I'm going to try compiling. When it compiles cleanly, I'll upload everything along with my source.

    I'll attempt to update Hipnotic-SMC as well. If/when Seven releases the latest 5.5 SMC source, I'll update them further.

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  • enderandrew
    BTW, it looks like the Hipnotic-SMC pack has flashlight support, but no quick melee attack. The Rogue-SMC pack doesn't appear to have either.

    Would it be possible to get updated releases for the mission pack versions?

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  • talisa
    textures for all other model-formats are found in the 'textures' folder,
    only textures for mdl's are stored in progs folder

    the SMC uses skin2 & skin3 for the 'painskin' feature, which uses an overlay effect on a duplicate of the monster-model.

    check the 'Starter_Kit_painskin.shader' in the script folder and you will see there that all the monster-skins ending with 5 & 6 get replaced with painskin0 and painskin1


    but i can see why it can be a bit confusing.... i'd suggest to first start setting up a regular HD setup,
    and once you got all that figured out and get a regular HD setup working without conflicts,e rrors and bugs,
    to first then make a copy of the setup as a backup, and then look into get your hands on setting up the SMC with it.

    the SMC has a bunch of features which use skin-files and shaders in ways that can be confusing
    if you are completely new to working with darkplaces and how things work.

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  • enderandrew
    Originally posted by talisa View Post
    skin-files are something completely different from textures.

    the MDL model-format can have multiple skins embedded into the model,
    but the MD3 model-format does NOT have native support for multipe skins.
    thus to be able to have multiple skins for md3 models .skin files are required instead,
    which is used to tell the engine which textures to use for each skin.

    skin files are therefor also only needed if the model used is an md3 file.
    seeing that you also have an ogre1.mdl_0 im assuming the model you use is an mdl,
    so you would not need the skin-file since mdl has native support for multiple skins
    In the SMC, there are various skin files that point to different textures. For example, I think there are 4 skins for Shamblers, but they also point to textures that aren't there. (Vore3 and Vore4 exist, but there are no included files for Vore5 and Vore6).

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